Friday, 10 April 2009

Mexico in Second Life

Mexico - Ruta Maya - Visit Mexico - Quintana Roo

For the best sim experience please turn on your music. The Ruta Maya has it's very own soundtrack that will enhance your journey.
If you choose not to have music, you can also have a wonderful experience with the music turned off. The ambient sounds of the Ruta Maya can enhance your journey -- from the waves crashing at the beach to the sounds of the rainforest it will make your visit memorable.

Please remember to get your free Mayan outfits for men and women which can be found at the picture kiosk at the Welcome Area. These authentic outfits are replications of outfits worn by Mayan royalty. We hope you will enjoy these beautifully crafted items.

The Ruta Maya Second Life is an interactive sim. There are many things you can do, from floating beneath the waterfalls to wandering through the ruins throughout your journey. A selection of sights and attractions has been included below along with the corresponding landmark. You can also visit the various sights by using the teleport system which begins at the Ruta Maya Welcome Center.

We hope you will take time to explore the sims and to get to know the wonderful culture and heritage of Mexico through your Second

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