Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Adobe Director 11.5 Virtual Question and Answer

The Adobe Director 11.5 Virtual Question and Answer

This Friday, April 3rd, 2009 at 11:00am SLT, Adobe eLearning holds its third major virtual event in Second Life. The Adobe Director 11.5 Virtual Q&A showcases the newest version of the popular animation & virtual worlds software. Dr. Allen Partridge (DoctorPartridge Allen in Second Life), Adobe product evangelist for Director and virtual worlds guru, will be hosting a live Q&A with the audience members discussing how Director 11.5 can aid users in creating useful applications for their SL lives, help to inspire content creation in SL and create virtual worlds. Free downloads will be available in addition to various other Adobe freebies including a tutorial for creating your own app in Director 11.5 & the source files to do it. After the Q&A we can all relax with a live music show featuring Sojurn Rossini. This event allows for new & old users of Adobe products an opportunity to speak with someone at Adobe about topics that matter.
 Contact Knuw Kidd for more info.
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Unfortunately (or fortunately) we have had to reschedule today's event on Adobe eLearning island. The event will take place Wednesday next week April 8th. We will send out new notices prior to that event. Thanks!

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