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Science Fictionary

Note card from Pooky Amsterdam

We come (& WELCOME!) to the Science Fictionary already inspired by centuries of writing; here is our chance to make history with a science fiction story in the round. Yes, we will create literature of the future about the future using the present future we inhabit here.

-Take your spot, your turn will come and you will have a paragraph to add to our weekly literary voyage.

All very welcome, established writers and simply curious critics alike! The weekly meeting of Science Fictionary is held on Thursdays at NoonSLT (7pm GMT) hosted by Pooky Amsterdam at Nature's Rooftop Cafe.

For more info, IM Joanna Wombat or Pooky Amsterdam

See you there!

So why do stories always start?

Did you ever notice that stories, no matter what they are about have to start?

Even after we had developed memory implants so people could drive backwards from any point to anywhere they wanted to, stories still had to start.

I think that has to do with power. Politics, back in the day everything was politics. We called it civilization.

But what the hell, I am just the cat, they brought two of them together but only one cat.

There are cats here. But cats on this new planet are massive things, they have massive teeth and are several times the size of a human. They just like to fornicate and kill things. One time one of these cats got a smell of me and I had to burn the thing before it could get a hold of me.

Since then I have made my skin in to a protective fire encasing.

Ah but they had forgotten just how much stuff was back in the old world, stuff hidden in the folds of 11th dimensional space, things coded in to nano-ps, things that could be in a cat.

I know these naked monsters dancing about this new world full of big cats and furry elephants and humans who put mud on their faces and hair, and I “elect” to not tell the story they want.

I elect to be a villain. I elect to help them fail in ruining another world.

And this will be my story......Rober123

Human population: 1.37T Proboscines: 12M Felines: 1.5G. Cetaceans: 4M. Corvines: 100M. Psittacidae: 25M. All non-human primates: 20M....Marion

I am male of course, a real BDSM Master stalking the earth, with real powers over women and the weaker men. I cull the earth like a plaque only allowing the strong and beautiful to survive. I am a Master here on Earth with powers but a mortal never the less..........Canis

I gripped the staff as the last fire was put out. The last tooth left its mark like a right of passage. The mud stretched across my eyes and blinded me. All I had left was my sense of fear....Adrian

Wiping away the mud, I slowly opened my eyes and blinked as the sparkles from the fire persisted in my vision. As the world swirled back into view, I could see all around me men, women and children lying prone; a makeshift graveyard in front of me as the victorious army marched away....Joanna

But then another group of trailing army troops followed closely behind. Now I was in hiding. The day came and went with the constant stream of particle ships flitting across the sky. The non-ending skyways were filled with the vessals of commerce supplying the central worlds with food and supplies and the cat food filled cargo holds." "Someday, I will control it all."
But the Earthgrid only allowed changes through the strictures of the modes of commerce and my task would not be simple. The coast was clear and I stood up and I straightened out my clothes and wiped the mud away. And ran towards the control window stepping over the bodies of the dead. "Meow!" I said to the shocked depot manager. His look of disgust made me tingle to my paws, but he would be in the groups that I controlled after my plans were turned into action......Courteous

I woudl have to somehow marshall the alleigence of the other creatures first. I would have to form alliances with the others and they couldnt see my digust at their homliness and pathos. Hmm inorder to have all the cat food i wanted and to be pet and adorned in a style befitting my obvious superiority might take some planning. But lets face it- whoever these mongrels (& I say that in the nicest possible way) were, I needed them. The trick was to convince them they needed me.....Pooky

Meanwhile the depot manager has disappeared from sight and has set my instincts tingling, it's a bright night, both moons are full, just my luck. Even humans are able to see my silhouette. I need to calm down, find a safe place and prepare......Miroirs

There were no felines within a parsec of this area. There were useless primates - and parrots. There was no point recruiting parrots, of course. But I had to admit that their capacity for scheming was unparalleled. You could trick them into giving advice - history showed that.....Marion

I know of a local. He limps since a flying accident. He has connections. None I care for, but useful nonetheless........Adrian

At the very least he could offer me shelter, although I cringed to think of the price. But there was nothing to be done. I set off away from the battlefield, over the hill. It seemed quieter here, as if the horizon had provided an invisible barrier. But as I drew closer to his entrance, I saw the signature technicolour swarm and knew the parrots had beaten me to it......Joanna

There was the entrance just ahead but the parrots stood guard. The light from the full moon could be my demise. I saunter and enter the service kitty entry. No parrots take notice. I then serreptitiously and take the transteleporter to the level below control. There he is, hard to mistake with the limp. "Meow!" He turns and looks. I stare at the control card hanging around his neck and pull out the handful of large denominations credits and smile, my canines extending into my whiskers. Of course he takes the creds and hands me a copy of the pass that he renders in the duplicator and pushes it into my palm without looking down as he scans the empty room. I take the card and scurry down the hall. and then I was inside of the committee building. The sound of the battle being waged just outside.....Courteous

It isnt pretty and i woudl give anything to be back in my own sandbox, but this seems highly unlikely at present. I used to rule over an entire domain, and my commands were obeyed. I made sure my favorites were taken care of and of course relished punishing those who I disfavored. Now I am just another cat let out of the bag. No one knows of my regal heritage. I wave my paw and curse at my plight.........Pooky

Doesn't matter the creature.. large or small, wise or birdbrained.. they all wanted something, usually an illusion of power. Power over a mate, a clan, a pool of muck. Being feline, I naturally ken, it's only a matter of connecting supply lines so once-enemies become habitual dependents. And I take my delicious cut, be sure of that.

Those armored goons want to frighten me with blastfire, shocknoise. I admit, I'm as scaredycat as any.. thank Morris for the sensory filters! or long ago I'd have been a quivering closeted kitty, or worse - a corpsicle.

The conference is full, there sits General Koontz at the head, scowling at poor Hesperus. To my right is the triad of sentient Probos.. gloating over their recent capture of the Poul Valley.
I take my place next to my dear human proxy, Lessing..............Physeter

Lessing thinks he's in charge, of course, but despite his human flaws, he is as good a proxy as I could wish for. Intelligent, slow to rush in without engaging his brain, and best of all, loyal to me to the death. Handy, especially now, as General Koontz's gaze spinss round and fixes directly on us..................Joanna

"You imbecile! The battle is a complete diaster out there- They were supposed ot destroy eachother completely- now one of the sides will surely win, and that means we have to fight the victor. Not good, not good at all...Why did you unload the taser reunifaction nano blasters on them? Imbeciles! Idiots! I left you in charge...........for what? We have almost no chance of overcoming them now"...............Pooky

"I don't give a damn about the ape warrens! If we can't get the bats working with us against the birdbrains, then we'll lose the advantage." Koontz fairly snorted smoke. I winked at Lessing save the day.

"General, the bats agreed to roost out parrots in sectors 6A throuhg 11D-subi. And best of all, we have a treaty with the Alpha Whale Pod to place our fleet off the shores of Demerol!".....Physeter

A collective gasp rolled round the table. Even I couldn't hold back a tiny smile as Lessing looked evenly at the General. "The Pod has given us 30 minutes to transport the first wave into the bay. They want the waters calm before they form the barricade. With your permsission, General, we will leave immediately?".................Joanna

"Agreed, everyone will take an ipod, fully" charged.......Slack7639

Lousey equipment, a bitter general and fools on the hills. Still Lessing wasnt a complete Nimrod. He was beautiful in an odd way too, he carried the sheen of someoen who had taken the high road in an arguement more than once. His eyes were smart, he had good peripheral vision. But he wasnt a cat, lets face it. Occasionally I had pretended to fall asleep under his arm though, human contact still had some meaning.
"Yes general, I will report from the beach. Who is charge of the aviary attack? Those bats wont hang around waiting for too long. Can we upload the sonar to the ipod for direct communication? Might be easier, ma'am"

Had to love Lessing, he did know how to use that charm....Pooky

Rather than ride with the General, I had Lessing give a pretext that we needed to divert briefly to deliver arrange the protein drop on Psitcave 14. Koonts said, "Fine, fine, take my private comjet. I expect to see progresss on the parrot front soon!"

Grinning, we hopped aboard the gleaming craft. Lessing pulled a scrumptios treat from the cabinet and laid it daintily in a silver dish for me.

"Lessing," I purred between nibbles, "Make sure that we get all guano rights, and I want our armory moved to the safest batcave as soon as possible." - Physeter

Now a strategy would have to be developed from the piece of action still viable for our postion. Lessing had that hard look that humans often take, he was sneering, "The Guano is part of corporate trade, if you want a profit, find a winnable war, not this battle." This was right and the bats in the sectors were more interested in a win than any profits to be made. "Look lessing, think like a cat and figure out where some profit lies." I said as I turned in my seat of the humming comjet waiting to liftoff..............Courteous

Without so much as a warning, Lessing pressed the button and we lifted off. I could feel him simmering by my side, but humans have a tendancy to sulk and I had more important things to worry about as he navigated round a thick cloud of bats to the north. Despite his irritation, he knew my mind better than anyone, and in asingle movement, tipped the Comjet up, over the hill - and out of Koontz's radio contact...

The whales wanted krill, the krill wanted plankton, the plankton wanted nutrients. Simple food-chain economics. War was simply a way to re-distribute resources, after all. With the Cetacean Alliance on our side, the fisheries (lickmylips!) would thrive, providing protein for the desperate humans.

Already, my shell companies were operating in the black.. through them, Lessing owned more than half of the depot, and through him, so did I......................Physeter

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Saturday, 25 April 2009



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An interesting bird

A bird animated to fly about in Second Life. A nice detail that adds no value but makes the experience more "real".

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Pink Floyd Concert

Club Island. Prefab Clubs Club lights club gear club buildings

Concerts, usually of tapped performances, are becoming more and more popular in Second Life. Ray0 Raymaker CEO of CUTTING EDGE CONCERTS puts on excellent realistic concerts.

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Real Life Holocaust Survivor

Host: Lighthouse Learning Island, Virtual Pioneers and WNYRIC
WHEN: Sunday April 26, 2009
WHERE: Lighthouse Learning Island

Moderator: Orchid Jameson

Fanny Starr - Real Life Holocaust Survivor

Fanny will lecture and share her answers to questions of what it was like in a concentration camp for six years...before it is to late. Emphasis on the worlwide rise in Anti-Sematic attitudes.

Fanny and her late husband Zesa Starr have lectured on the Holocaust since the late 1960's. Fanny gave a lecture about her Holocaust experiences in SL last November 20, 2008, January 18, 2009 and again in March 01, 2009.


Holocaust Lecture

Felicia (Fanny) Granek was born on September 23, 1923, in the Lodz Ghetto of Poland. In 1939, at the age of 13, Felicia was interned through the legislative power of the racially discriminatory Nuremberg Laws. By the summer of 1944, she and her family were deported to the death camp at Auschwitz.

Of the 285,000 Holocaust survivors, Fanny remains one of approximately 50,000 who still solemnly endure as historians for humanity.

In her deeply moving lecture, Felicia Granek recalls her inheritance of loss and the sorrow as she bore witness to prejudice, destruction and death at Nazi hands.

Chaperoning Fanny InWorld is her daughter Helen (aka Explorer Dastardly); who herself grew up in the light and shadows of that same fractured inheretance.

" I am the next generation, who in turn will share and educate about the Holocaust and make sure it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. The Holocaust topic is in the press every day as of late. I have been working with my mom in learning how to lecture on the Holocaust, and we started a series of lectures in Second Life."

Helen is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Virtual Technology and English Writing at Metropolitan State College, Denver. Helen shares her parent's passion for being involved in shining the light of education into the darkness of ignorance. "The best way to diffuse hatred is through education."

Fanny's strength, profound love for life, and her enduring faith in human kindness will inspire you.


For the courtesy of the speaker and those around you, we ask that audience members please turn off your AO's and animations, and refrain from using sound files. Please turn your microphones off until the question and answer period at the end of the presentation.
Thank you.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Making a mess of your Second Life

TokyoZERO Tutorial a Japanese Sim

An ugly collection of unrelated elements it is just a mess

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

U2 in SL

S&S Gallery of Fine Arts

Pictures in a gallery from a U2 concert in Second Life. The avatars look very good in this one.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Ghost state and fenced in

I can't rez. We used to first rez as Ruth, the Universal Mother and Eve of all Second Life. Ruth had something of a cult in Second Life and people would often get Ruthed when the Sims had a problem. But SL had now gone all new age like and made us in to some kind of Star Trek mist at our core, just accepting all the western mythology of souls and that stuff. Bahhh.

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Riding my monocycle

Second Life is a great place for voting what you wish reality was. Sure there are boring cars and houses, but its impressive how many people vote to make and use things that do not conform to our modern plastic consumerism, like this wonderful steam powdered monocycle by Vi Paravane not sure why this link is provided but its their profile URL.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

French "Colony" in Second Life

Bourbon's Island - Saint Denis de la Reunion - reunion

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SSRN-Anti-Social Contracts: The Contractual Governance of Virtual Worlds by Joshua Fairfield

This article seeks to demonstrate that contracts cannot, by their very nature, provide for all the legal needs of online communities. Public law needs to be developed to allow these communities to thrive. The author argues that common law, rather than legislation, can be most effective in this task. Courts can draw on existing and familiar areas of common law to provide the private-property, dignitary, and personal protections these communities need according to the specific behavioural norms their creators and users have fostered. The common law method, being iterative, incremental, and experimental, is well suited to modifying these areas where needed. It allows for the more immediate resolution of problems while also being sufficiently flexible to permit rules to be expanded or contained as required.
SSRN-Anti-Social Contracts: The Contractual Governance of Virtual Worlds by Joshua Fairfield
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Bourbon's Island - Saint Denis de la Reunion - reunion

Bourbon's Island - Saint Denis de la Reunion - reunion

Some french playing a board game and acting out an Arabian Night fantasy

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Bourbon's Island

Bourbon's Island - Saint Denis de la Reunion - reunion

D'accord, the French would build a food market in Second Life

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La Fournaise

La Fournaise - Discotheque - La Reunion- Bourbon volcano

Looks great but but I would describe the mustic as puffy.

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French art gallary

Bourbon art gallery, as you might expect SIMS in Second Life tend to break down along linguistic barriers, with people who share languages often sharing SIM. Generally everyone tries to get along in many of the more popular English Sims.

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Funny Democratic Parody Sim

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Monday, 13 April 2009

Unity Game Technology

see for more information.
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Certainly not in reality

It turns out now that the few Republicans have been able to steal a 3rd Presidential election, despite running a center fold for VP, now they seem to have no interest in paying taxes and see the very existence of a Federal government as a threat to their lives.

This is the problem with places like SL. You can just imagine a universe, and this imagination could have political implications. A sim like this, if anyone every came to it, could simply evict the vast majority of SL residents who still remember George W. Bush who wagged a war (which did kill 10,000s of pople by the way) over some CGI images of weapons of mass destruction.

Second Life is a perfect place to go and run and hide away from your time, from the discourses of your age, and getting a piece of people's minds who remember that just 1 years ago the current economic crisis was starting and Bush decided to avert it with a tax cut.

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The Reality Lab tonight a 9:00 SLT

The Reality Lab
with Vishnu Duranjaya
Start Time: 9:00 AM in Kira Cafe

The goal of Reality Lab is to revisit some of the questions traditionally raised by the world contemplative traditions. These traditions claim that reality can be perceived in a radically direct manner. Even if we do not take those claims at face value, we can still take reality seriously as a topic of investigation. Instead of trying to approach reality indirectly, we can ask the question "how can we investigate reality as reality?" The Reality Lab is an exploration of this question, the underlying intuition being that a direct investigation of reality is both possible and worth doing collectively.

An important reason to ask the question of reality in SL is that VR and other tools are potentially bringing us to the point where we can do empirical rather than philosophical investigations of reality. Are there are deep links between traditional contemplative practices and the kind of explorations that happen in virtual worlds? Is it possible that these new technologies and techniques will allow a much larger segment of humanity to become engaged in questions of reality as such? Just as AI people have figured out that building chess playing computers is easy while building robots that pick up objects is hard, we may find out that certain aspects of the question of reality seem obvious but are actually rather hard.

Vishnu Duranjaya in RL is Rajesh Kasturirangan. He is trained as a mathematician and cognitive scientist and has been associated with various Kira activities since 2001.

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Renting revolution

Second Life Republicans have joined in RL republicans who, in Obama's first 70 days have decided that unlike the hunt for WMD in Iraq efforts to stabalize the economy must be opposed at all costs. In RL they don't seem to be going anywhere.

And in SL they have reverted to campers. The only reason there was anyone there was because of the campers. Probably their "tea parties" are 3 guys and their alts.

This gives me an excuse to rant. In 2003-2004 I wanted to check Second Life out. Problem was that I and my business partners were still suffering from the dot com collapse. Now we all understand that I am my business partners must have been idiots to think there was a future in Internet based technology, maybe some day things will turn around. Well that said, in 2003-2004 I didn't have money for the kind of machine I would need to go to SL or really time to do it struggling to survive and frankly I had more important things on my mind.

SL is actually a terrible place to get the feel for the victims of society. Everyone here is pretty much one of the lucky ones.

Oh and how did I am my company do? 2009 is already the best year we ever had and if we could clone ourselves we could make almost limitless money. The Internet is booming through the recession and established players have it made because:

1. So many people were forced out in 2001-2004 that those who kept their nerve have a major advantage.
2. There is no Capital now to start new companies, so we are not getting young people to come along.
3. The very technology I work in can save so much money no one cares much about spending on it.

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German Company Saturn Ad

Notice at the end of the Machine Evolution you get the gendered female being!!!!!

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