Monday, 16 March 2009

A scared New Babbage desperate to end Second Life Crime Wave (joke post)

The Artful Dodger, who is believed to be believed to be behind a serious of robberies in New Babbage

The Dodger waiting to perform another crime?

Minutes of 3/14 (pi day) Town Hall
1. The Clockwinder's office hours are Tuesdays from 6-9PM SLT; Aussie/UK/European residents are welcome to make appointments.

2. Land/occupancy has been very high; only 3 vacant parcels. (now 2)

3. New Babbage's current Admins are: Aeolus Cleanslate, Beq Janus, Ceejay Writer, Charlene Trudeau, Doctor Obolensky, Edward Pearse, Gerg Merryman, Reitsuki Kojima.

4. 3-hour autoreturn will be turned on for all public land, starting with Number Seven; Vernian and Wheatstone are bad prim-litter areas. Will revisit this at a future town hall to see how it's working.

5. A New Babbage "Embassy" has been built in Armada, and a similar Armada embassy is to be built on the seawall in Port. Babbage has been declared an Ally of Caledon in their Wiki, and have friendly relations with Steelhead.

6. The new Advisory Group met last night. Introductions were made to its members. The Advisors are available to discuss ideas, problems, proposals, etc. and funnel them to the Clockwinder. A charter is being drafted and will be published shortly. Members are Salazar Jack, Redgrrl Llewelyn, Jedburgh30 Dagger, Jimmy Branagh, Elfod Nemeth, Canolli Capalini, and Elleon Bergamasco.

7. New Babbage will form a Volunteer Militia, to combat threats to the City from Evil Geniuses, Pirates, and Other Groups with Malicious Intent (conveniently abbreviated to OGMI). All Landowners and Registered Residents may volunteer to join an established Company (all completely optional, of course). Companies may be land, sea, or air, and will be organized by Captains. Mr Undertone and Mr Llewellyn have been offered the first commissions. Other Captains who wish to volunteer should contact Cleanslate or Tenk. Note: this is not a constabulary/police force and has no purpose other than RP. (Miss Janus and Mr. Oller have also accepted commissions)

8. Oiling Festival will be March 21-29, featuring design contests (bridges, tacky tourist trinkets, urban clutter, dirtiest avatar, naval jack (flag), and a city tartan .. .and others to be named later) with cash prizes. Other events are also planned - see the Ning. Individuals are welcome to sponsor their own contests - by sending a 'polished' notecard to Mr Tenk by noon SLT on Monday 3/16. Other nations will be invited to participate.
(Still taking those until tonight (Monday))

9. New Babbage is participating in this year's Relay For Life, a charity event to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Participation is voluntary, of course, but we are competing against the other Steamlands and Clockwinder Tenk has set us a charge to raise US$1000, and/or more money than anyone except Caledon. See Breezy Carver for more information.

10. Meeting ended at 3/14 1:59 (the first six digits of pi), with a pie-throwing fight that erupted onto the street. Free pie throwers were contributed by Doctor Obolensky.

A full chat log is available at

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