Thursday, 26 March 2009

Monument to Open Source Society

A monument to Open Source Society by Rober1236 Jua, Robert Hooker
Shown in Dresden Gallery Second Life for just a few open seconds, but all times of day.

This is my first effort at creating a series of monuments that make people think rather than making something seem heroic. I believe in Open Source, but I fear that many few people can see the movement outside of black and white terms that represent Capitalist vs. Socialist fight of the 20th Century in the terms of IT.

Most simply the monument is a cross between a monument and a factory, the top is to look like a chimney with steel balls reflecting smoke. This is to replace the entire issue of Open Source in its proper context: a another strategy of Capitalist accumulation. Open Source software was not produced either by the socialist experiments of the 20th Century nor in alternative movements of the IT age. Open Source comes a s a strategy of accumulation in Capital. Once can not fail to consider this.

The monument is made of steel mesh, which both references the Industrial revolution but is most transparent and yet common to make. The place of myself inside of the monument raises the issue if Open Source is liberation of a violation of privacy. I don't know the answer to that myself.

Though the shape is to reference some basic concepts of factory, monument and church it is also twisted in a Baroque way to be both ornamental and somewhat chaotic. It this a better or worse design for monuments? That is the core of the question. Open Source is not as simple as people would like to believe, and this installation aims to provoke thinking on the issue

The final touch, the piece is shown on Microsft Cloud platform of Photosynth.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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