Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Intersting link I got in Second Life

Survey about Offering Content to Planet Earth.

My name is Ze Moo and I run. In the past 4 decades that I spent time on Planet Earth the content and endless opportunities of this world have seriously declined. There used to be no cities, universalities, and great experiences. Big companies own all, schools closed, justice abandoned, yet more malls popped up. Planet Earth became an empty shell in which people who try to serve instead of gain are losing ground.

It's time to show that we care about this fall into decay of our Planet Earth.

We're working on a petition to the United nations to show them our concern.
Who are We? We see ourselves as the serious content providers on Planet Earth. We are a large group and widely spread all over PE. Some of us provide philosophy, some education, some arts and some other stuff. And you are probably one of us.

This survey is to get your opinion. Please answer these short questions and give us some feedback on where you stand.


What kind of content do you offer PE? (pick categorie and describe)
Discussion / Sports / Music / Entertainment / Games / Education / Art / Culture / Religion / Philosophy / Love / Sex / ... /

How many hours weekly do you spend on making this PE content (using brains and tools)?
Less then 1
1 to 5
5 to 15
more then 15
i don't count hours, i count on results

Who benefits from (enjoys) your content?

When and why did you start offering serious content?

How do you see the attendance of visitors to your content location?
Don't know the numbers
I don't care about quantity, I care about quality

What would you like to see UN improve to help you offer serious creative content to Planet Earth?

Your PE name:
Your PE Group:

Your main goal in life:

Your PE Location:

Give this completed survey notecard to Ze Moo @ Live . Nu

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