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Cyber Baroque, the creations of Linda Lunt and a group of Second Life artists

Linda Lunts Sacred Yoni Jeweler Mall
A rich combination of sexuality, detail, emotion, creativity and the work of many SL builders and arts makes this amazing place unique and what I call the birth place of cyberbaroque

The massive cherubs are more than just symbols of sex, they give the space a feel like a massive fun Vatican which is the key to Baroque

Every art movement brings many workers in to a new unified pattern that each work by itself can not accomplish.
Animations move avatars in a dance of pleasure in this work in Linda Lunts Sacred Yoni Jeweler Mall with work by Lovemotif LeShelle in Second Life
This work reminds me of trips I have made of Rome, Nepalis and Spain; yet are full with a sexual life. Click here to visit

The Baroque was a key event in the expansion of Culture as theatre. After Luther Rome was shown for the pool it was, the Renaissance was an art movement for those rich enough to study Greek and Latin, but the world of the Renaissance was of palaces and private pleasures.

The people of 1600 Europe had enough sense to see that there leaders either Protestant, Puritans or Priests were enjoying their lives behind their new palaces.

The Baroque was more than an art movement, it was an effort by European civilization to stay alive in the face of the threads of Puritan Taliban blankness. In the Art of the Baroque the concepts of Classical and Christian forms: the angels, Gods, and saints were animated with a life that anyone could feel.

The Baroque gave expression to a virtual world everyone already felt. Religion was not the pure distant object of Medieval art.

Greek Early Christian Masterpiece showing

In the piece above the leaders are static, without motion they are not intended to be people. They lack not only sexuality but feeling, emotions of all kinds, doubts, thoughts.

Renaissance Painting expands the naturalness and excellence of painting.

But Renaissance work like the "Marriage of the Virgin" above show that artists had mastered scale, proportion, mathematics, and position. But it remains mostly an art of mathematics. Renaissance painting found its patrons in the new banking class, people of money.

To date Second Life is still stuck in the kind of experiments that characterised the Renaissance. People are more concerned with placement ore emotion. Second Life is still in its Classical phase, Linda Lunt is beyond that.

Linda Lunts Sacred Yoni Jeweler Mall with work by Lovemotif LeShelle

Second Life's core religion is sex, we all pretty much know that. What Linda Lunt and her community have have done is taken sex as the cult of Second Life and animated it in a way that is not only lovely but has deep emotional connections. When I look at the above photo I can't help but think of Rome, Spain, or Seville. Linda Lunt has rediscovered the emotion intensity of Baroque in Second Life and has create cyberbaroque which I will here credit her with.

Rubens, Assumption of the Virgin, 1626

Rubens is the artist that I think is closes to Linda Lunt. I know this seems like a lot to say but just look at these images and visit her amazing space at:

These bodies are excellent, the contain both the sublime confidence of Rueben with the intense sexuality of our age.

Click on these pictures and look at excellent detail and pose of the figures. This is not porn, this is a confident sexual art.

Linda Lunts place is called Sacred Yoni Jeweler Mall and I assert she had managed to animate the figures of Second Life in to an intense spiritual sexuality, a cyberbaroque that has meaning to our age.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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