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A book of Irish Poems

Book of Irish Poems

How to hear only what (Or who) you want to in SL
by Corwin Howlett
(ed. SLoring)

Sometimes people hear only what they want to hear. In RL this can sometimes be bad, in Second Life sometimes it is very important.

Your Seanchai (storyteller) will be presenting the book reading today using Voice Chat. So, visitors must have Voice Chat enabled to hear the reading. At times, you may hear not only your Seanchai, but also other people speaking nearby or echoes from people who forget to turn off their microphone.


Setting yourself up to hear voice chat is easy. First go to Edit menu, then choose Preferences, then the Voice Chat tab. Make sure the check mark is in the box marked Enable Voice Chat. (Sometimes it helps to "uncheck" it and "recheck" it.) Also choose "Hear Voice chat from camera position" although it usually works both ways. Click OK.

Now at the bottom right you will see a button that says Talk. Don't press this unless you really want everyone around to hear you. To the left of Talk is a button with chat bubbles and green lines. CLick on that.

A box labeled Active Speakers should show up. Everyone near you with voice enabled will display, and anyone actually speaking will be at the top. When they talk you should see a little green symbol by their name. From this screen, you can control the volume of individual speakers. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE HEARING A PRESENTER, click on their name, then turn their volume up at the bottom. This will usually solve the problem.

IF YOU ARE HEARING A SPEAKER YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR, then highlight their name on this list and turn them down or even click on the little speaker icon to mute them. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD TRICK.

That should be all you need to know to use Voice Chat. Welcome, and we hope you enjoy.

ps If all else fails, please feel free to IM Shandon Loring. But be aware that while Shandon is reading he will not be able to see your IMs.


Here is some additional information about Streaming Music and Video. Most everyone knows all this of course, but in case you do not, you won't believe what you've been missing at Nancy Blake's!


If you are having trouble hearing music or video in a presentation, go the the Edit Menu, choose Preferences, then choose Audio & Video tab. Make sure there are check marks in the the boxes for streaming music and streaming video. Sometimes you need to "uncheck" them then "recheck" them to get it started.

Above those, you will see some slider controls. They let you set separate volume levels for Music, Media (video) and Voices. Move those settings up or down as necessary. Now click OK.

There are also controls at the bottom right of your screen for music (looks like a musical note) and video (looks like a camera.) Sometimes to hear music or see a video you need to click on the button to start it playing, or click it again to turn it off.

To the right of the camera there is another master volume slider, and to its right an up arrow that is a shortcut to the other volume sliders. Turn up what you need and turn down what is bothering you and you will be good.

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