Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ada Lovelace day

Yesterday was Ada Lovelace day but my left arm was killing me so I could not blog much.

Women in Science and Technology I admire. Well let me just write about the people I read. I have an interest in hard science but I am not aware of the personalities, thus I will take figures from "social science" whom I read. Some people may say this is not real science. Well been there done that, heard that a million times. These are still some of the women who construct knowledge I use to explore the Internet

Sadie Plant
Donna Harraway
Sherry Turkle
Melanie Klien
Julia Kristeva

As this is a Second Life site I would further wish to note the hundreds of women in Second Life who I have seen make major steps in one way or another to assert the females place in Virtual Reality. There work ranges from building, social building, new forms of self expression or just being who they are and being there.

My personal SL heroes are

Miram Milo-Miriam comes from an isolated place not in the first world, and yet she has become not only an active SL member but also my personal best friend in SL. She has proven to me that SL can be global.

Zoe Connolley Social Organiser, blogger and provider of things in Second Life Zoe's infinte generosity supports a sizable community innovating around flight simulation in Second Life. Untl the games site of SL gets work out it will have limited growth and her work is essential to the future.

Linda Lunt SL Business woman Linda's designs are the most interested and inspired in SL. She has broken out of the need to reproduce, or to express some SciFi vision of the future to create a real wild space of her own.

Celadon Sheperd Designer and RL business woman pushing design in SL. And a very good friend of mine.

There are many many more women in Second Life I am getting to know and I will probably be able to include more next Ada Lovelace day

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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