Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Welcome Areas

Very clever welcome area to Deadwood 1876

Many SIMs have established welcome areas. These are reserved locations that anyone trying to teleport to a space will emerge at. Just like this funny on in Deadwood, established welcome areas are very populars with role playing sims. Since role playing involves establishing a border between the world of a SIM and the rest of Second Life a welcome area sets for a space in which the transition from one world to another can be managed. By coming in at tha gallows this one effectively works the humor of the SIMs theme. Also popular are port areas so it looks as though you are coming off a ship.

In deciding if you need a welcome area I would always ask:

"How structured are the roles people will be taking on in your sim?"

If you have strong roll pay than you want a place to make the rules and ideology of a SIM understood by anyone coming in and not allow people just to drop in from nowhere. On the other hand if you want to make money with a strip club you probably want people to come in anywhere.

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