Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Web 3.0 core will be the avatar

I have been thinking about Web 3.0. The idea of Web 3.0, as I understand it, that real life and semantic information on the web can be connected in meaningful ways structured by semantics, social networks and space. Not just real space but also an endless number of possible virtual realities and sitting between virtual reality and mapping is augmented reality. That these combination of information with spacial and social context (metadata) will make the information make more sense to users and machines alike.

If you think Internet of today is confusing you have seen nothing. Today's Web sites, blogs and wikis are going to be expanded via masses of social networks and virtual reality in to a complex mess that present text based systems of search will not be able to handle. In fact I think search has already reached its limits even with tools like Google and the impressive DeepDyve.

And that is where the avatar becomes so important.

The avatar provides a space that not only connects you into the Internet, but also organises and rationalises the experience of so much information into a story that can be followed and understood. The avatar is actually a Web 3.0 interface tool, allowing the mass of information of the Internet to be experienced as meaning and sense. Avatars will be more and more important in managing the ever more complex social world of augmented reality, with people probably paying large sums for good avatars like they will for hot domain names or good search engines.

Rober1236Jua is actually probably the most accomplished thing I have ever done on the web. He has a network of links and presence on the Internet in both search and Second Life. By real name Robert Hooker is fairly common and on Google there is a born again preacher who has pushed me out of top spot for the name. But I doubt there will ever be 2 Rober1236Juas. I could copyright the name.

I also tage my flickr, blogger, wiki, mass ups, synths, Google Lively and facebook entries that involve my work on Internet technology. Rober1236Jua gives me a front row seat to the Information Revolution. I can only imagine I will continue to advance him and move him along with Habermas Aya and the Lady to other virtual worlds.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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