Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Virtual Architecture Talk Today

Adams Dubrovna, as the RL avatar, Donald Beetham, has been an image librarian at Rutgers University for more than 30 years, managing a collection of almost a half million images in various media. Before that he studied architectural history at the University of Pennsylvania, developing an interest in the progression of architectural styles in Anatolia from Byzantine to Seljuk to Ottoman. While trying to understand the development of new spaces, it became painfully obvious that there was a lack of intimate knowledge about how these different buildings actually were used. Put into the larger perspective of architectural history in general, sacred buildings seem to provide the greatest cross-cultural challenges in that regard.

Adams Dubrovna will be discussing an exhibition called "Art and the Sacred in the Virtual World" which he has put together with students at the Department of Art History at Rutgers and members of the Art History group in Second Life.

"On one hand the exhibition will be a virtual catalog of many of these monuments, offering one convenient entry point. The exhibition will compare the second life constructions with the real life counterparts. But what happens when many of the real life barriers of exhibiting architecture are removed? So far real life architectural exhibitions have been limited to photos, plans, drawings, models and maybe architectural components. What if one could teleport to the actual building as part of the exhibit, and then return, and then to another building, and so on? How does this add to our experience? Can we begin to think about comparative spaces? How do the spaces relate to real life counterparts? How does space relate to the functioning of the building in the virtual world? Can a virtual construction help us understand anything about real life buildings? "

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