Sunday, 1 February 2009

Talk at Bayt al-Hikmah (The House of Wisdom) in Second Life

Showing a talk with a group of Avatars at Bayt al-Hikmah (The House of Wisdom) in Second Life.

The transparent window sits above the community of avatars.

[13:04] Sivat Ariantho: Today's story is short and was supposed to pick up from last week's, but I don't think very many of last week's people are here
[13:05] Sivat Ariantho: so if you don't mind, I'll tell the first part again
[13:05] Jharie Anatra: oh yes please :-)
[13:05] Sivat Ariantho: ok :)
[13:05] Johny Weissberg: havent been here , so its ok
[13:06] Sivat Ariantho: The story today is from the life a brilliant and wise sufi master named Ibrahim ibn Adham
[13:06] Sivat Ariantho: He lived in the 8th century and was, early on in his adulthood, ruler of a place called Bukhara
[13:07] Sivat Ariantho: He lived in magnificent palace and had all of the luxuries of a king
[13:07] Jiaogulan Cale: hi
[13:08] Sivat Ariantho: But unlike the typical ruler who occupied himself with conquering and acquiring worldly goods, Ibrahim pondered existence, the Divine, and other weighty matters
[13:08] Sivat Ariantho: hi Jiaogulan :)
[13:08] Beryl Greenacre is Offline
[13:08] Jiaogulan Cale: :)
[13:08] Exosius Woolley is Online
[13:08] Sivat Ariantho: One day, he heard a noise on his roof
[13:08] Sivat Ariantho: There was quite a commotion, as though someone were pounding on the roof
[13:09] Sivat Ariantho: He leaned out of the nearest window and hollered up, "Who dares pound on my roof in such a way?"
[13:09] Sivat Ariantho: An older man called back to him, "It is just me, looking for my camel."
[13:10] Herbert Feldmann is Online
[13:10] Sivat Ariantho: Ibrahim could not believe his ears. "You fool! why would you look for a lost camel on the roof of a palace?"
[13:10] Sivat Ariantho: The man camly answered, "The same reason that you would look for the answers to divine mysteries from the comfort of your throne."
[13:10] Sivat Ariantho: *calmly
[13:11] Sivat Ariantho: Ibrahim was shocked but humbled

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