Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Stellar Dynamics in a Virtual Universe Workshop

Stellar Dynamics in a Virtual Universe Workshop Start Time: 6:00 AM SLT

Please people post dates on note cards, this is for February 19th

Join us for this Kira/MICA hosted event at the new MICA island.Location: MICA auditorium,

by the way Stellar Dynamics in a Virtual Universe or: Toward an N-body Wikipedia

Piet Hut, Rob Knop, George Djorgovski, Adam Johnson

In this weekly workshop we will discuss how to set up N-body simulations in virtual worlds, starting with Second Life, and moving on to OpenSim and other worlds. We are planning to start a wiki on which we provide a complete open-source description of our algorithms and their implementations, together with elementary introductions to the mathematics and physics of Newtonian gravity, and numerical methods used to solve the differential equations that correspond to Newton's laws.

The basic idea is to start a kind of N-body wikipedia, as a group's process. It should be self contained, a place to gather all the basic information that is currently missing from the literature. Up till now, if you want to write a decent N-body code from scratch, you have to somehow catch the oral knowledge that is floating around in the community, most of which has never been written down. We want to change that.

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