Friday, 27 February 2009

Prepared for a meeting

A meeting agenda in a metting space in Al Andalus Alhambra.

It is my impression that more firm communities are beginning to form and evolve in Second Life. These communities tend to be extremely visual and creative. But conflicts do break out and bad blood often flows wild with people calling each other "griefers". One strange thing you might notice is that the same small group of people seem to attract all the griefers. No one seems have just encoutered 1 or 2, people have encounters dozens or none. Frankly I think griefer is an idiotic term and the residents of SL should work to a more solid set of social principles governing interaction. Griefers main problem as a concept is that it really means nothing, most of the things that I have filled complaints against avatars were clearly stated offenses. I reported someone for haking a friends island, I reported another woman for child sex role play. These offenses are well established on the Internet, but griefing means what ever you want it to.

One time when I was in an African female av I was kicked off some land for no real reason at all. The person who did it was right wing conservative republicans from the United States, someone with Rush Limbaugh all over their Last.FM page. When I complained I was told I was griefing. In that case racism in Second Life was validated via the term griefing. Since that time I have avoided the term and frankly my rule is someone who talks about being griefed a great deal as social problems they are bring to Second Life.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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