Friday, 27 February 2009

Faking it

One thing my wife noted about Second Life is that there seems a lot too many people claiming to have cancer. I have meet several people in Second Life who claim to have cancer. I am sure most of them are telling the truth, but......

Now I am not one to doubt anyone who claims to have a terrible disease, but over time I have come to agree with my wife that a large group of people in Second Life are making up more than just avatars and sex animations; I think that false claims about health are probably as common as false claims about education, gender, nationality, marital status and wealth.

I would suspect that people who claim some kind of health issue who also exhibit difficult social activity, who claim to be griefed alot, who cling to certain groups and are openly hostile to others, who seem to need a firm identity and play a lot of drama. People who exhibit this kind of behaviour and claim to have some kind of RL condition like cancer would raise concerns for me. I am intersting in figuring out how to study this kind of thing. If anyone has faked a disease in SL or knows someone else who has please contact me. rhooker1236(AT_NO_SPAM)

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