Sunday, 25 January 2009

Space as Politics

Nuclear Cooling Towers in Second Life Extropia

So why does Extropia Second Life need nuclear cooling towers? They frankly don't look nice. No object serves a functional non-symbolic purpose in Second Life. Everything is ideology. Evertyhing is message and meaning. And that is it, space in Second Life, spaces owned by groups become places where groups can image more specifically and more powerfully the ideological assumptions shared by the group. Its an effort to translate idea to reality in small steps.

Most of us would not want to have nuclear cooling towers anywhere near us. Certainly we would not want to use up expensive object allowances to make 2 towers that are just doing nothing. They are just white towers. But to the members of the community, to the people who share Extropia's ideological belief they are doing a great deal.

Extropia a community of transhumanists. Transhumanists extent traditional values of Science and Progress beyond the borders of the human and embrace the potential of a post-human condition.

Presently Science and Progress are in a bit of a conflict over global warming. Science indicates that the production of energy is producing global warm housing gases. But energy is necessary for major projects of progress. For most trans-humanists the answer is to return to nuclear and I personally tend to agree with them. The answer does nicely save Progress by embracing science. I would probably rather have more blankets and power-outages before we start building new nuclear power stations.

But given the rejection of nuclear in the 1970s most of us live in spaces without nuclear power images. The only person I know who works at a nuclear plant is Homer Simpson. I know of one of the coast from Rye but I have never hiked there. An innocent image like the one above is using pace to help share an imagined space with Nuclear Power inside of it. It is a political step, a rather intentional one.

This ability to imagine at low costs any number of things will be the great communication power of Second Life. The fact that the things are just there give them an innocence like movies and make them a massive ideological tool.

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