Thursday, 1 January 2009

Ideology in a Made Up Universe

Second Life and the Meaning of Meaning

Beaches like this one are popular spots in Second Life.

In fact the way land is constructed on the Second Life Grid.

The way the private land is sold in Second Life as islands means that almost all new land comes with beaches already around it. Beaches are built in to the logic of Second Life space. They are not only popular but also a priori logical in the metaverse of Second Life.

If you have money and a project you generally buy an island. An island is easier to control and you can prevent people next to you putting up pornographic ads when you are trying to promote a University or establish a collaboration centre.

And you island comes with Ocean all around it. Logical easy low prim thing to add are beaches or waterfront.

Thing is think about the time you have gone to the beach, do you ever see any black people or brown people at the beach?

Tanning requires white skin, it can't even be done properly by an African. Already before a Grid is added to Second Life it has a racial dimension.

And if you don't like the sun....

You can move it. Its easier to move the sun I find than to get rid of the beaches on an island. Actually you can't get rid of them, beaches are part of the world where the sun can be moved at will.

A shemale on the beach. In Second Life I find there are more shemales, or furries or machine people or aliens than there are black skinned people.

Why should that be?

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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