Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fleetwood Mac ad in Second Life

I wonder how many tickets they sell this way?

It says to IM Ray0 Raymaker CEO of "CUTTING EDGE CONCERTS. It turns out the Fleetwood Mac has performed in Second Life.

I got a hold of Ray0

[15:12] Rober1236 Jua: Hey is Fleetwood Mac playing in SL?
[15:12] Ray0 Raymaker: they have and will when booked again :)
[15:12] Ray0 Raymaker: stay tuned
[15:13] Rober1236 Jua: I blog on Second Life
[15:13] Rober1236 Jua: If you give me some information I will put it on my blog now
[15:13] Ray0 Raymaker: we do many concerts..ill send u some info
[15:14] Ray0 Raymaker: i am building a multi comples sim setup for more upmakert event
[15:14] Rober1236 Jua: My blog is on my profile
[15:14] Rober1236 Jua: If you send it now I will put it up with the picture of the Fleetwood Mac ad

Here is some INFO for Cutting Edge Concerts...

Pink Floyd "Mega Reunion Tour" (T3)
Ozzy Osbourns " Righteous Roads Tour " (T2)
Aerosmith “Rock this Way” (T2)
RHCP - Red Hot Chilli Peppers "The Fire Storm Tour" (T1)
G3 Super Group..Satriani/Vai/ Petrucci (T1)
Rock Divas "Joan Jet/Pat Benatar" (T2)
Eagles "Get over it Tour" (T1)
Carlos Santana "The Soul Sacrifice Tour" (T2)
SRV - Stevie Ray Vaughan "Texas Flood Tour" (T1)
CCR - Creedence Clearwater Revival "Midnight Special" Tour (T1)
ACDC "Tornado Alley Tour" (T1)
Led Zeppelin "Rock & Roll Tour" (T1)
The Rollin Stones "The Stoned Again Tour" (T1)
The Who "The Pinball Wizard Tour" (T1)
Queen "Mercury Rising Tour" (T1)
Bryan Adams "Live in Portugal" (T1)
Phil Collins "Something In The Air Tour" ( T2)
ELO – Electric Light Orchestra "Head Space Tour" (T2)
Fleetwood Mac "One More Time For The Road Tour" (T2)
Chemical Brothers "Jamming Tour" (T1)

The Ramones (under development)
ZZ Top Mega event (under development)

*T1,2, 3 indicated pricing tiers. Pls contact Zahara Blackburn for pricing and avalability of dates.

"Personal info"

Founder Ray0 has toured with some of the worlds greatest classic Rock bands with 25yrs exp as a Concert sound engineer and Tour manager in RL:
Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Canned Heat, Ten Years After (Albert Lee), Screamin Jay Hawkins, Fabulous Thunderbirds ,BB King, Kiss, ACDC, Toots & the Maytels, The Wailers, Status Quo & many many more:

Currently producing music documentaries for the world market with the worlds biggest distributor in London & New York
..More info? Im RayO Raymaker


Note: Between my groups & our sponsors & advertisers groups we have a database of over 5000 concert goers.
Our Last Premier attracted 206 people.. http://heidiballinger.wordpress.com/2008/09/29/pink-floyd-reunion-tour/#more-1496

"More super groups in production"..

All concert audio professionally mixed in my studio specific for our concerts. We use the highest quality custom lighting and effects & advertise online with regular promotional references during the event. ..payment required when booking placed.. Regards Ray0 Raymaker

A financial member of APRA/AMCOS .


Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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