Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Facebook | Second Life

Facebook | Second Life

Second Life beyond Second Life: Second Life has a large set of communities in almost all the other social networking systems. In fact groups in Second Life can only exist because of the rich ecosystem of blogs, wikis and social networking tools like Ning, Facebook and Flickr that allow people to form more stable connections beyond the Grid.

Perhaps the biggest technologies supporting the text collaborations of Seocnd Life's real time virtual worlds are IM and Skype for richter real time interaction between people who formed contacts in Second Life, and email for content collaboration not limited to real time.

For Linden Labs the challenge is clear.  The large ecosystem is essential but it must be integrated in to Second Life.  Otherwise people could leave Second Life and have the community experience in facebook without having to install some heavy client.

Second Life will live or die because of the rich imagination discourse it supports.  Lets see what happens.
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