Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My Open Source Monument

Al GarnARTa Gallery

The CDS Sim complex is, in my opinion, the best thing evolving in Second Life, and Al GranARTa is a nice place for me to temporarily show my work Open Source Monument.

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Snowly land for sale

50 L - Greenland/Snow Season 8192m - P15

Land for sale, these are the details

For Sale - 50 L$
8192m - 1875 prim - 3500 L / week
First week tier due when purchased
Class 5 Residential Woodland/Forest
No Premium account needed
Full Ownership Rights
Resell, Terraform and Media Control

With climate change Virtual Reality may soon offer the only places left to experience snow. Right now in London I am growing onions in my back yard. Despite some brief cold spots the weather has warmed up and everything is very green. I could see in 10 years the only snow a Londoner will ever know would be in a simulation.

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Virtual economy about the explode

Virtual goods such as weapons or digital bottles of champagne traded in the US could be worth up to $5bn in the next five years, experts predict.

In Asia, sales are already around the $5bn mark and rapidly growing.

For many, virtual goods are one of the hottest trends in technology and are fuelling huge growth in the social gaming sector.

"This is just an exploding part of the gaming business right now, said venture capitalist Jeremy Liew.

"It is the most exciting area in gaming," he said.

Mr Liew, whose firm Lightspeed Venture Partners has invested $10m in virtual goods companies, said the rapid growth of the sector was unprecedented.

"We have seen companies go from nothing in the last 18-24 months to tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue."

BBC News - The US virtual economy is set to make billions

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Unlike reality, virtual retail sales are hot, especially for avatars -

Unlike business in the actual retail world, sales of virtual goods are booming, thanks in part to the spike in virtual gift giving this time of year. Even though many virtual goods cost less than $1, these micropurchases add up. The market will reach about $1 billion this year and could grow to $1.6 billion next year, according to a report by market researcher Inside Network.
Unlike reality, virtual retail sales are hot, especially for avatars -

French fashion agency in Second Life

Silhouette - Agence de Mannequins - Modeling Agency -

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Awesome work of Second LIfe art

Art Kahos Performance - Bourbon - Pirats - ArtCom Concept

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Sculpture in Second Life

Bourbon Pirats Art Gallery - White Velvet

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French SIMs are always so cool

Bourbon Pirats Art Gallery - White Velvet

Informations Pirats et Landmarks - Pirats Informations and Landmarks

Web informations

Web :
Blog :
Artung :
Facebook :

Email :

Team & SL Contacts

Fondateurs et Administrateurs / Founders and Administrators
Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond

Curator et Administrateur / Curator and Administrator
MathieuL Bravin

Curator et Administrateur pôle musical / Curator and Music Department Administrator
Loup Erin

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Tubular Gallery-elros Tuominen

Tubular Gallery-elros Tuominen

This very interesting show gave me this information card:

I am here in SL to develop my RL artist side. I was born in the Basque Country, a quite closed society, and never had a chance to learn about art, never until I was 18 . I learned graphic design. Four years of study helped me to learn about colour theory and different tools, from Real ones to digital ones, basing my work in two different branches: Watercolours and Adobe Photoshop software. Watercolours, because they give me that movement illusion in RL, Photoshop, because it gives me the chance to dig further into my art. Those artists steps were stopped at the age of 23, I found a job far from art for more than 8 years, but it was killing me, I needed to create, and I found SL, to keep on learning and developing my artistic side. Now I am recovering all those past years, learning each and everyday, and trying to have people enjoy my art, art is the magical expression of each one of us after all. Being able to show my work all around this world... that is great...

My work is based on three basic points: light, colour and rythm, and almost all the ideas come from own feelings and experiences, most of them, not all: I just create some music without sound, some alive watercolour, watercolours that never dry, and light, many light, giving those 3d pieces more depth and movement, it's the main idea, movement, kinetic works, creating in a fourth dimension, a new dimension to play with and express myself, so maybe there's some kind of futurism there too... With each work I try to create what I have envisioned after thinking about a concept, then I develope it, until I discover what I wanted to build, that's a nice moment really...
I have been in SL since October of 2006, and I have never stoped learning about building, scriptting, textures... I feel like a child, playing with everything I find, and expressing myself freely, that's the best sensation I have ever had, beeing able to create, at least, I have been able to recover my artist side, and now I feel alive, now I can take a look at my mind and understand Gaudi, those organic forms make me crazy, or Picasso's use of basic forms, dividing reality in basic forms to work with, and pop use of colour, and music mainly, that's my real inspiration.... sounds...

Please contact my representative, Mariposa Upshaw regarding exhibition and/or sale of my sciulpture.

Here you got some links to my works and videos :

aka Antonio Alza A.

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OSGrid Community still kind of small

OSGrid community is still small and new, but the opportunity to make your own SIM on your own servers is pretty cool.

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OSGrid H G

Public Hypergrid Nodes

The OSGrid is probably the coolest idea going in VR right now. The idea that people can link up SIMs without having to go through a single company like Linden Labs is very cool. Going from Second Life to OSGrid is like going from Windows to Linux. It takes some effort and things are not mature, but the conversion teaches you a great deal about the technology.

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BBC News - Keeping cyberspace open to the public

Bill Thompson doesn't want to see the online commons enclosed by private interests.

I recently had an opportunity to re-read a pamphlet I wrote in 2000 for a series on new thinking about mutualism published by the Co-operative Party.

In e-mutualism, or the tragedy of the dot.commons I talked at length about the co-operative basis of the internet, the need for online public spaces which are not controlled or dominated by commercial interests, and the opportunities that the network offers for mutual organisations of all sizes, from small co-operatives to retailers like John Lewis.

I pointed out that the internet is "an excellent example of the power of mutualism, having been created and managed through the co-operative effort of tens of thousands of individuals and organisations".

I also said that it "provides an infrastructure on which mutual organisations can thrive, opening up new potential for fast, effective communication and co-ordination of action, collaborative and consensus-driven decision making and global action."

Re-reading it now I wasn't too embarrassed by my ten-year old analysis. The recently-concluded Internet Governance Forum in Egypt reflects the net's continuing mutualist principles, while its organising power has been demonstrated many times in the last nine years.

We have seen political sites like MoveOn, campaigning initiatives like and of course the growth of Facebook as the primary way teenagers like my son manage their social life and arrange their many parties.

BBC News - Keeping cyberspace open to the public
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Latin American Artists in Second Life

Museo Karura Art Centre

El MKAC abre sus puertas con 3 objetivos: promover y promocionar las artes en SL y RL; impulsar a los creativos de SL y publicitar sus creaciones y dar a conocer el arte universal.

The MKAC opened its doors with 3 objectives: to encourage and promote the arts in SL and RL, encourage creativity in SL and advertise your creations and expand awareness of universal art

Latin America, with 100s of millions of people speaking 2 languages and restricted media access is a fertile ground for the Internet. I have made a number of contacts and friends in the Latin American world and learned a great deal. I am becoming more and more excited about Brazil, which I see as the nation of the next 20 years as India and China have dominated the last decade.

So just remember to nag me in to studying Spanish more.

Note card says:

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Large private "home" in Second Life

Maison du Claridge

This is one of the larger private homes I have ever seen in SL.

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SL Wicca Artist

Sacred Cauldron A Place Of True Magick

From the show's note card:

Mickie Mueller, is an award winning Pagan spiritual artist. She has been working as a freelance artist since 1983. She is Co-High Priestess of Coven of the Greenwood, an ordained Pagan Minister, has studied Natural Magic, Celtic Tradition, and Eclectic Wicca. In addition she has been a Reiki healing master/teacher in the Usui Shiki Royoho tradition since 2001. She is a member of M.A.F.I.A. (Missouri Area Fantasy Illustrators Assoc.) Mickie is the illustrator of the critically acclaimed divination decks, The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path. She is also a regular article and illustration contributor to Llewellyns Magical Almanac, and has also published both articles and artwork in Wicca and Witchcraft Magazine in the U.K. as well as The Witches Voice, Magickal Light Magazine, and several other online publications. Recently she introduced a new sterling silver jewelry line produced by Peter Stone, named one of INATS West’s Best of Show in 2008 by New Age Retailer Magazine. In addition to her new deck, The Voice of the Trees, Mickie is also looking forward to the release of her first in a new line of statuary based on her art from Sacred Source.

Mickie’s art has been also seen internationally on the covers of Witchcraft and Wicca, Raven’s Call, Spirit Seeker, and Oracle 2000 to name a few. Mickie creates her art magically, using infusions of herbs corresponding with the subject matter she portrays. She works lovingly by hand in a mixed media of watercolor and colored pencil. Her magical artwork can be seen on her website at

Buy Mickie's art for your first life:

Buy Mickie's art for your second life:

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Uggg; frustration

It is always difficult to see a labour of love blog, which this blog is for me, trail so far behind your throw together blogs. My blog on collaboration and SharePoint takes a fraction of the time and effort and now gets far more attention and readership.

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Monday, 28 December 2009

Open Sim and memory

Well Open Sim does not have all the established shops of Second Life, but they do allow free development including no cost to build your own avatars. So I took an old photo of my father-in-law (the man I admire most in the world) and assumed his face as my avatar.

Actually it has been a very interesting experience being my father-in-law in a virtual reality. It makes me think about the potential of virtual reality to relive or re-enact certain experiences.

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A collection of Avatar pictuers from Second Life

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A SIM of her own

Greek Gold Lesbian Resort

The idea of women only places may seem exclusive, but I think it important that the Interent have such spaces. The Internet has been dominated by boys for a very long time, and women, especially lesbian women should have the right to make their own spaces.

But, anyone can create an AV and claim it is female. I wonder how this issue is dealt with, anyone have some information?

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Sex and the Sim


Let me recommend a book to think about sex and Second Life

The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships.
By David Levy.
Harper/HarperCollins Publishers.

Here is a review of the book in the NYT. I think sex is essential in how humans are going to interact with technology.

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Like minded, same minded, tunnel minded and what kind of minds are we looking for anyways

I'm happy to report I'm not leaving SL or SL Social Media.

Mind you... I'm not going crazy with it either.

But I feel great after meeting some like-minded aviation friends at the aerodrome today, and by-golly it just might all work out for the best!

Aviatrix :: Zoe Connolly

I was very interested to read the above post on someone returning to Second Life after a few months away.

Firstly saying you are going away and then coming back is such a established pattern on the Internet I would be interested in looking in what it means. I have been seeing people "leave" only to come "back"  for about 20 years and would imagine walking out of the Internet or one of the Internet technological social spaces is as old as Usenets first days. It seems kind of like a child like behaviour. Taking your ball and leaving only to return later and have to say it was everyone else who changed. But we all kind of do it for a while. Perhaps in the overwhelming media saturation world of global technological Capitalism the only thing we truely own is our own attention. By pulling it away and then claiming we return on condition we are trying to give ourselves some value.

But what I find most interesting is the "like-minded" concept. What does it mean to be like minded? And given this new global media is the best we can do liked mindedness?

The Interent has made it that a large part of the English speaking world can form contacts with others anywhere in the world. The strange set of associations I have made in Second Life is the real reason I give to "coming back".

But this device for forming new radical connections between people is being mostly used to find people who already think as we do. Now since we can't read people's minds this is a bit difficult and falling outs happen as people who had imagined they were "like minded" learn they are not. But overtime the tendency has been the formation of tribes that share our values and ideas more and more perfectly.

This is the great threat the Interent posses to democracy. Democracy requires unlike-minded avatars come together and argue it out to some extent. The question of how much free market vs. state managed elements should take place in the economy is a continually debate in English speaking democratic process, with the end result always being a compromise between 60% free market 40% state managed to 70% free market to 30% state managed.

But more and more media today gives people a place they can run to and only face people who already agree. On the right and left blogs and social networks are forming stronger and stronger bonds between like people who are now enabled to ignore people who think differently.

The power to connect is also the power to elect not to connect. And more and more the Interent is a mass cluster of tribes of people who already agree. This has been noteworthy in the right wing response to the failure of the Bush administration.

For those who think I am being too negative I would point to the conservative movement of 1979 vs 2009. In 1979 Conservatives in the US and UK were presenting themselves as the saviours of problems developed during the 1970s. Agree with them or not they presented thought out arguements and they were able to present rational individuals to make cases on TV for deregulation and reduced government.

2009 sees a conservative movement that seems not even to think it needs to argue for itself. By entering a media echo chamber not only are the past 10 years forgotten an entire mythology is just created. Deregulation and tax cuts didn't work as predicted and many of the predications that those opposed to the Conservative movement made in 1979 have come to pass. 30 years of free market policy has lead to the largest financial collapse since 1929.

What is alarming is that the current faces of Conservatives in the US and UK don't even seem like they have to answer these issues. In the US they have retreated in to bizzared paranoid illusions and in the UK they have retreated to arrogant attacks: it is hard to find in either Cameron to Gleen Beck one rational argument which you could judge or even would make a policy.

The illusions are beyond just Sarah Palin. David Cameron in his parties conference also said the current economic problems are because of too much government. Such a statement is to simply ignore the established facts of the economy. The housing bubble in the United States was ultimately driven because people could do things to make themselves money and did, regardless of the impact and under regulated.

Now I am not saying this is just the Internet's fault. In fact the Internet is more of an effect of de-regulation than a cause and probably Gleen Beck and much of the neo-tribalism on the Internet are both products of changes in the way culture is owned which started in the late 1990s with the rise of something sociologists call "neo-liberalism" or worship of free markets.
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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Porn and Virtual Reality

Well despite all our desires to have some kind of higher purpose to Virtual Reality and the 3D web, something like education or reducing travel and carbon, for the 3D web to work there is going to have to be a great deal of porn.

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Auctioneers Slave Exchange

Slave sex RP is so common in Second Life that I am sure it must mean something, though I am not sure. It is a bit disturbing that given the ability to pursue our imagination so many of us elect to play sex games. BUT they remain games between consenting adults, just sex fun as compared to the slavery going on in the world of globalisation.

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