Friday, 19 December 2008

The US in Second Life

The Second Life Great Expedition: The Ugly Smiley

You move yourself through Second Life by navigating from behind.  In most activities you see your avatart from behind.  The image above captures how a person experiences their AV in Second Life.

So why do people spend such time and effort in making their avatars?  Certainly no narcissistic reason.  For we don't see much of ourselves.  In fact it is fairly hard to get a good objective view of your own avatar in Second Life.  You have to stop and navigate around.  And anytime you move your avatar you are set right back to seeing yourself from the back.

What is happening here is a interesting example of the position of selves in others.  People spend so much time and effort constructing avatars in Second Life for the benefit of others, others who they will never meet.  Second Life makes sense because humans simply always inscribe themselves in to identities that exist in and for others.  This is not so economic desire to get something or attract a mate, its the very nature of the selves we make to exist only with others.
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