Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Second Life: A Better Reality for the Rich

Midsomer's Isle is my favorite place in Second Life. Its has a great deal of meanings for me. I went there a great deal when I was on the road working and feeling depressed.

There is a great deal of personal energy that goes in to constructing an avatar. Avatars are spaces in online network community. I have worked a great deal in making Rober1236 Jua an vital character in his virtual reality. It is a part of my life as an adult trying to make my way through a fucked up world.

I never think of Rober1236 Jua as me. It is always "he". The things he does are observed by me BUT NOT DONE by me. I am not sure how other people feel. Still sometimes what happens to Rober1236 Jua has an intense impact on me. And sometimes I come through him. When I am talking with friends made in Second Life I feel my avatar becomes a channel. I am not him but I am using him to speak.

I can't really place where my adventures in Second Life fit in to my life's story. I guess it will have to do with how our culture places virtual reality events. If our culture comes to see them as significant my early life in Second Life might be the most powerful event of my 40s. Or if our culture dismisses Second Life as a "game" my acts in Second Life may mean nothing to me. It is still an open question how much Second Life can mean.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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