Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Beach in Second Life

Beaches are very popular in Second Life.

Everything in Second Life is made. Nothing is natural as in random and provided. Everything is constructed. Therefore Second Life can be viewed as a kind of dream. As a dream we can read it using the methods developed by Freud in psychoanalysis.

We can view every place in Second Life as the manifest content of a kind of dream space. Behind this manifest content are a number of latent contents. The content of the designers who made the space and the combined collective content of the people who participate in the space.

What I think makes a place effective in Second Life is the presence of what Jung called the Archetypes. I would call them patterns of dreaming that are understood by people even before language. There are some patterns that exist across cultures.

In a global virtual event like Second Life we see the dreams of the world taking shape on a computer Grid. We can learn to read the meanings that humans in today's global world assign to space and interaction. We can see what people desire, what they lack, how they hurt.

But we must always remember we are seeing the rich in Second Life. Much of the world is not happening in Second Life. When was the last time you meet someone from Africa or even China in Second Life? Come to think of it I have never meet anyone from India. The Third World reality is censored in Second Life.

Sex remains the most popular thing in Second Life. This is something Freud would understand. Jung rejected Freuds assertion that the human is solely motivated by Sexual desires. Looking at Second Life I would say that Freud was probably right. Sex is king on this planet.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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