Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My favorite SL picture

This is probably as close to SL happy as I ever was.

The engagement in to SL is a very complex event, and people rise and fall with it.  Over the past 6 months my identification has been made more formal, I don't feel SL very much and am more interested in it as a subject of study.  This, along with the lack of much to do in SL, has lead to me being too bored by it to go in as much as I used to.

Which leaves me with lots more time on my hand.  I go in to SL and generally leave in 10 minutes when I used to spent hours because I am bored, but I don't have regular other things to do.

Maybe I should walk more.  The entire thing has been an object lesson in the addictive nature of such a media, if ever there is really anything interesting to do in it.  Right now there is cyber sex and interesting science talks.
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