Thursday, 13 November 2008

Kinetic Art in Second Life by Feathers Boa

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Feathers Boa is the avatar of a 19 year old female art student from the Boston (U.S.) area. She creates richly textured and incredibly detailed digital paintings that blend modernist and antique styles seamlessly. To create the pieces, she trolls junk shops and back alleys to find interesting objects such as old sepia photos, newspapers, postcards, letters, broken watches, etc. She either photographs these objects using a consumer grade Nikon digital camera or uses her Epson RX580 scan bed to scan them directly into Photoshop CS3.

These "found" objects usually form the central images of her pieces. But she also uses Cinema 4D r10 to create wholly digital 3D objects. She sees textures everywhere and never leaves home without her camera in her handbag or backpack. Her life partner and friends often get frustrated with her when she stops suddenly in mid-conversation to take a picture of a particularly interesting section of sidewalk or some rusty piece of metal.

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