Monday, 3 November 2008

Heavenly Love "The Lady" Belly Parcel South Side

Heavenly Love "The Lady" Belly Parcel South Side

Island shaped as woman, cool idea. It says it rents only to women but in a Universe of digital gender I have a hard time understanding what that means. Is it only to people in female AVs? Females in RL? Females in RL with female AVs? Are some of these legal? Does it violate Linden Labs TOS and if not does that violate national laws of some of the player countries.

Recently I have heard that a lot of SL lesbians are upset about guys getting female AVs to have sex with lesbians. Though I am sure this does happen I imagine the numbers of complaints are bloated by men in female AVs going to have sex with lesbians only to later find they had sex with another man in a female AV.

Reflecting on sexuality in Second Life, I just think as long as people don't want to Skype then you are in SL what you make yourself to be. In our culture we accept the idea that many men are women and women men, and we legally allow people to change gender. Second Life just makes what is a difficult and painful process in RL into a painless game, but isn't that what video culture does. I mean I have been shot so many times in Call of Duty. I died in a pool of blood and snow beaten by a German soldier's gun club in Stalingrad the other week and just came back knowing where he was now and blowing him away.

The more I think of it the more virtual culture needs to hold on to the catagory of a game since no other will cling to it. If relationships that start in SL want legal and ethical connections they must go to some extermal power.

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