Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Gender Freedom Day planning session 2 « Events In Extropia

Interested in running or helping out with an event for Gender Freedom Day on December 21?

planning2Come join us in the Salon Room in Extropia, noon this Saturday, November 8, to plan and coordinate grid-wide events!

We’re particularly working for a nonprofit group working in the field of gender/sexual orientation freedom and civil rights that’s active in SL to work with us, and to be the beneficiary of our 12 hour fundraiser dance party.

If you’re affiliated with a group, or know of a group, who might be interested in sponsoring activities that day, and in getting some $Linden love in return, please post a comment with the group name *and a contact person*

So far, we’ve had a complete failure of response from the organizations we’ve contacted. We’re hoping that’s a shortcoming of our network, and not a sign of lack of commitment to fight discrimination in digital worlds.

Let’s get that turned around, get some good support from established activists, and put on a terrific day of positive, high-visibility events celebrating diversity in SL and other digital worlds!

Gender Freedom Day planning session 2 « Events In Extropia
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