Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bad day for GOP in even SL

Main Straight Talk area in Second Life

[18:14] Sagamore Island Greeter North: Welcome to the Straight Talk Cafe at Sagamore Island, your chance to learn more about Senator John McCain and his campain for President. Please excuse the construction on other parts of Sagamore Island.
[18:14] Wyatt Forster: Virginia Update: McCain 50.6% with 61.8% Reporting
[18:15] Moe Doyle: woot
[18:15] Randall Letov: You know if hee turns out the be the next Jimmy will be clear enough and he will not be re elected
[18:15] Celeste Arnaz: unfort. I have too..I have 145 kids waiting on me tomorrow lol
[18:15] Benson Willis: I like being both of everything
[18:16] Gambino Amsterdam: I have 12 professors of law waiting
[18:16] Gambino Amsterdam: dont know what is worse
[18:16] Gambino Amsterdam: or who is more mature
[18:16] Celeste Arnaz: i have majority of my co-workers who voted for obama that I must endure gloating if he wins?
[18:17] Delilah Fouroux: Heaven help us if he does
[18:17] Randall Letov: Well its looking like he will win
[18:17] Celeste Arnaz: Ohio
[18:17] Delilah Fouroux: I am moving to canada :P
[18:17] Gambino Amsterdam: So everyone here agrees with Sarah that we should just dig Alaska
[18:17] Gambino Amsterdam: for oil
[18:17] Celeste Arnaz: sighs
[18:17] EmeraldEcho Moonbeam: yup
[18:17] Delilah Fouroux grins
[18:18] Celeste Arnaz: Yeah Randall it does...
[18:18] Randall Letov: lol why Delilah?

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