Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Welcome to the Desert of the Real

The Second Life Great Expedition

From the movie the Matrix Neo is welcomed by Morpheus to the desert of the R(r)eal. It is important to remember that spoken language does not have case.  This could be a Real, a kiind of abstraction of the reality in which we live.  Perhaps the real is itself a simulation.  Many people have noted that the fundemental issue with the Simpsons has been the impossibility of the energy exchange presented as the economy of energy governing the economy of human farming and the VR universe of the Matrix.

The most logical conclusion is that the real of the Matrix is in fact a simulation itself, and can present impossible conditions as part of a story that structures the simulation.  That the real Neo awakens to is just another simulation. This is essentially what the Movie the Matrix is, a simulation within media and popular culture of America and other nations.

This desert of the read provides a smace of little rez activity and simple land design, which in turn provides more resources to other regions.  The region is harvested of computing capacity to support another.  There is a system of exploitation.

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