Friday, 24 October 2008

Things I learned talking to SL Staff in London

The cat just walks back and forth. Its a robot.

Okay what did I learn from the SL people.

Well there are 11 working in the UK. All servers are in the US but they plan to expand global grids. That should reduce lag.

The SL world is flat so they could at sims endlessly. They seemed to have considered a globe but that made SIM addition in nice square pieces impossible. There are firms that make high end Virtual Worlds on globes, but these are generally sold as isolated training objects to large organisations.

SL people don't call the name of a space a sim but a region.

There are 4 regions to a server on the grid.

70 AVs to a region max, about.

They know the Linux client has problems.

Your can increase PRIMS by having 2 regions on a computer.

You can increase the number of people who can attend your events by getting an event allowance from SL that will allow a region to be over 100 people.

You can increase the number of people in a space by keeping most of your regions empty. Science Friday uses this. The empty space around Sciecne Friday can be seen as freed up computer space. Open regions promote operations in second life, the ecosystem of society does best in a desert in SL.

Also an event can be located, like Science Friday on or neart the border of regions. Insuring that 2 regions are involved in process the AVs and everything else. I suspect that Sciecne Friday also uses 2 regions on different servers to to take the load.

They freely admit the product placement strategy of early years has failed. But with a growing user base they seem confident that opportuntites for them to make money and work with other business will grow.

IBM employs are very active in SL.

Well that is pretty much what I learned for my $200. Had a lot of fun.

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