Sunday, 26 October 2008

Cool chat at Extropia Core

A chat and some gender placy at Extropia Core in Second Life

[15:39] You: Would you two consider yourselves to be furries?
[15:39] Peer Infinity: not exclusively...
[15:40] Kitsu Nico: Not...really..
[15:40] You: But partially then
[15:40] Kitsu Nico: Whats your definition?
[15:40] You: no at all Kitsu
[15:40] You: Furry is not a set of words but an assumed idenity
[15:40] You: if you feld you were a furry you would say it
[15:40] You: that is what I am interest in
[15:40] Peer Infinity: I never really got into furry culture, I just like being a fluffy bunny :)
[15:41] You: Yes
[15:41] You: I see
[15:41] Kitsu Nico: well, all i can say then is: in some ways i am, in some ways im no
[15:41] Kitsu Nico: not*
[15:41] You: so for you its just an identity you like without a culture
[15:41] Peer Infinity: yes :)
[15:42] You: Do you now view me differntly?
[15:42] You: Would I be a furry just by putting this on?
[15:43] Kitsu Nico: to some people, yes
[15:43] You: You both seem interested in going beyond the human yes?
[15:43] Peer Infinity: well, tachnically, that is a furry avatar...
[15:43] Kitsu Nico nodnods. But whether you're furry or not, I'd have to ask you :3
[15:43] Peer Infinity: yes, I am definitely interested in going beyond the human :)
[15:43] Kitsu Nico: oh hey speaking of beyond human
[15:44] Kitsu Nico: You reminded me I was supposed to wear this abit
[15:44] Peer Infinity: :)
[15:45] Kitsu Nico: i mean..caw. birds cant talk <_<
[15:45] You: But now am I furry? No yes
[15:45] You: Furry is one way to go beyond human
[15:45] Kitsu Nico: I'm not sure what you are now o.o
[15:45] Peer Infinity: Alien Female by Sorcia Raven
[15:46] You: Yes its a popular free av
[15:46] Kitsu Nico: Aah
[15:46] You: I changed gender just now
[15:46] Kitsu Nico: Transhuman, but not furry
[15:46] Peer Infinity: yes, I was about to say "transhuman" :)
[15:46] You: Can going beyond human mean going beyond gender
[15:46] Kitsu Nico can pick up terms n_n
[15:46] You: does it mean going beyond gender?
[15:46] You: Does it demand going beyond gender>
[15:47] You: Is gender a repression of the animal?
[15:47] Peer Infinity: hehe, there was a meeting here earlier on that very topic...
[15:48] You: Today?
[15:48] Man Michinaga is Offline
[15:48] Peer Infinity: yes
[15:48] Kitsu Nico: gender. sexual bimorphism, birthed as a mechanism for two genetically varied individuals to share genes and foster a better and evolve a more competitive genome ~.~
[15:48] Peer Infinity:
[15:49] You: Yes well evolution would work better if everyone could "swan" with everyone else
[15:49] Peer Infinity: :)
[15:49] X-Flight, pine X: All Go
[15:49] You: Sorry do you mind if I blog this conversation along with some pictures?
[15:49] Peer Infinity: sure, go ahead :)
[15:50] Kitsu Nico: eep
[15:50] You: I am always struck by the extent of gender identification in Second Life
[15:50] You: myself included
[15:51] You: Your bunny is very much a lady bunny
[15:51] Peer Infinity has no particular gender identification :)
[15:51] You: But not anything like a real lady bunny
[15:51] You: I raise rabbits and they don't have boobs, flat stomachs or hips
[15:52] Peer Infinity: I know
[15:52] You: This expresion you present now is very much influenced by our idea of a human female no?
[15:52] You: Whyl Kitsu is genderless and organically true
[15:52] Kitsu Nico: The concept that you might want to look at is anthropomorphism ^^
[15:52] Peer Infinity: hehe, the avatar I'm wearing now is labeled kani_colorful - male - muted pink
[15:52] You: Oh I have
[15:53] You: Well a rose by any other name
[15:53] Lucifer Darrow bows
[15:53] Peer Infinity: loo, once again Kitsu beat me to mentioning the technical term...
[15:53] You: hello all

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