Thursday, 23 October 2008

Another great circl talk in Al Hambra

Information presented in this wonderful talk

Guidelines of Our Work Together

1) Come to the work with 100% of the self (or as much as you can) - Set aside the usual distractions of phone mail, e-mail, things undone from yesterday, things to do tomorrow. Bring all of yourself to the work, not just the parts of yourself and your experience that would be obviously relevant to this work.

2) Presume welcome and extend welcome - People learn best in hospitable spaces. In this circle we support each other's learning practicing ”radical” hospitality.

3) Decide for yourself when and how to participate - The rule is Always invitation never invasion; Always opportunity never demand.

4) Speak or Yourself: Use “I” statements and be aware of how experiences and beliefs differ between individuals and cultures.

5) Make Space for Silence – This work requires that we acknowledge silence as an honored and eloquent member of our community. Allow the pace to slow and observe the stillness as it emerges.

6) When the going gets rough, turn to wonder - Be open to learning and seeing with “soft eyes.” Turn from reaction and judgment to wonder and compassionate inquiry.

7) No Fixing – No Saving – No advising - Seek instead, through deep listening and open questions, to help each find his or her own clarity.

8) Observe Deep confidentiality - Our work requires you to commit yourself to a special, deep confidentiality which promises that you will not speak outside this group of what is shared here.

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