Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Alamut Bastion of Peace and Information

Markets and antimarkets in the world economy
by Manuel De Landa
Sections with images from Second Life

Al Hambra in Second Life

The Second Life Great Expedition

"This would have the added advantage that it would allow us to get rid of historical theories framed in terms of stages of progress, and to recognize the fact that antimarkets could have arisen anywhere, not just Europe, the moment the flows of goods through markets reach a certain critical level of intensity, so that organizations bent on manipulating these flows can emerge. Hence, the birth of antimarkets in Europe has absolutely nothing to do with a peculiarly European trait, such as rationality or a religious ethic of thrift. As is well known today, Europe borrowed most of its economic and accounting techniques, those techniques that are supposed to distinguish her as uniquely rational, from Islam."

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