Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Twiligh Gallery in Second LIfe


Sorry again to the Linux users out there. I guess I have been using Microsoft Live Lab so much I have pretty much pushed you away.

Look I am a Linux guy. I have 2 Linux boxes on my desk running Ubuntu and Debian, I also have VM images of Fedora, SUSE, Madriva, and Damn Small Linux. Since I have given up on Apple since my Mac died very young I am now growing my use of Linux. I have 2 XP machines and a 2000 Machine and no Vista machine. I am not very happy with Microsoft either.

BUT, Photosynth is very interesting technology and I can't believe there are really Linux users without any access to a Windows machine to give it a look. Sooner or later I will get sick of it. Besides I have made an effort to find mash-up tools that work with Linux machines and have been using Pipes and Ning alot more and PopFly alot less.

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