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Talk on Islamic Persian Spirituality in Second Life


[14:07] Sivat Ariantho: Thank you all for coming
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[14:07] Sivat Ariantho: Today's story will come to us from persia
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[14:08] Sivat Ariantho: Long ago, there was a cobbler who lived a rather modest life in an old kingdom.
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[14:09] Sivat Ariantho: He was a kind, patient, and faithful man, but his wife was cold and mean-spirited
[14:09] Sivat Ariantho: One day his wife was walking through the city when she met a beautiful woman adorned with all sorts of jewels and fine clothing
[14:09] Sivat Ariantho: "How are you able to afford all of this?" she asked.
[14:10] Sivat Ariantho: The woman smiled proudly. "My husband is the king's astrologer."
[14:11] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler's wife pondered for a moment. "Yes, that's it. My worthless husband will become an astrologer. Then, I too can afford such luxuries."
[14:11] Sivat Ariantho: She went home and pleaded to him to become an astrologer.
[14:11] Sivat Ariantho: "No," he said. "I know nothing of astrology. How could I ever do this?"
[14:11] Sivat Ariantho: She became angry. "Do it or I will divorce you!"
[14:12] Sivat Ariantho: So although he was a good man, he had the weakness of doing whatever his wife told him to do.
[14:12] Sivat Ariantho: So, he acquired some books of zodiac signs, an astrolabe, some astronomical charts, and a few other items that he thought might help.
[14:13] Sivat Ariantho: He knew this would bring him trouble, but he wanted to please his wife.
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[14:13] Sivat Ariantho: So, one day, he went into the center of town and began calling out, "Anyone who needs help who needs to see the future, come to me. For I am a wise and visionary astrologer!"
[14:14] Sivat Ariantho: It was not long before a crowd gathered around to see what this man could actually do.
[14:15] Sivat Ariantho: It so happened that the king's jeweler was there, and he had recently lost some of the crown jewels in a robbery. Desperately, he approached the cobbler and whispered, "If you can help me find the stolen jewels, I will reward you handsomely. If not, I will spare no effort to see you meet your demise."
[14:15] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler gasped. Already, he had come into harm's way, and he knew that he was a fraud. How would he ever find the crown jewels?
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[14:16] Sivat Ariantho: Overcome with fear, the cobbler called out, “O, woman, woman, you are more baneful to the happiness of man than the vilest serpent!”
[14:16] Sivat Ariantho: Now, the cobbler was speaking of his wife, but the jeweler's wife was the real thief, and she had sent her servant girl to follower her husband and make sure he did not find out.
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[14:17] Sivat Ariantho: When the servant girl heard this, she was sure the cobbler meant her master. She rushed home and informed the jeweler's wife.
[14:18] Sivat Ariantho: The jeweler's wife at once went to the cobbler and threw herself at his feet. "Please please, don't tell my husband. The king will have my head. I'll do anything!"
[14:18] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler was shocked. "Ma'am, what do you mean/"
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[14:18] Sivat Ariantho: She cried. "You know what I mean. You know that I am the one who stole the jewels. Please I'll do anything!"
[14:19] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler quickly regained his confidence. "Ahem, well then, return home and place the jewels under your pillow, and I assure you that no harm will come to you."
[14:19] Sivat Ariantho: She thanked him and went home to do as he had instructed.
[14:20] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler then told the jeweler to go home and check under the pillow on his bed, and there he would find the jewels.
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[14:20] Sivat Ariantho: Sure enough, the jewels were there, and the jeweler thanked the cobbler with 100 gold pieces.
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[14:21] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler went home that evening relieved that he had escaped so fortunately. He presented the 100 gold pieces to his wife thinking that she would drop the matter.
[14:21] Sivat Ariantho: "No," she shouted, "This is not enough. If I am to live like the astrologer's wife, you must do more tomorrow."
[14:22] Sivat Ariantho: He became angry. "Are you serious? I nearly lost my life. It was only by the will of Allah that I happened to escape that fate."
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[14:22] Sivat Ariantho: His wife began to cry and once again threatened to divorce him.
[14:22] Sivat Ariantho: He became weak once again and agreed to go out the following day.
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[14:23] Sivat Ariantho: This time, when he called out in the town square for someone to hear their fortune, he was approached by a well-dressed veiled lady. She was slender and quite alluring.
[14:23] Sivat Ariantho: At first he did not know what to say her, but she was the first to speak.
[14:24] Sivat Ariantho: "I have misplaced a valuable necklace of mine, and I'm hoping that you could tell me its location. I have heard of your reputation, so something such as this should be easy for you."
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[14:24] Sivat Ariantho: He could help but notice that when she had push through the crowd to get to him, her veil tore a little, and he could see part of her face.
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[14:25] Sivat Ariantho: While she was still talking, he tried to tell her that her face was partially exposed, which would have been quite embarassing for someone of her obvious status.
[14:26] Sivat Ariantho: "Look down to the rent! the rent!" he said, not sure how to tell her.
[14:26] Sivat Ariantho: Ignoring the hole, she thought that he meant the hole in her bathroom wall, where she then remembered she had placed the necklace for safe keeping.
[14:27] Sivat Ariantho: "Oh thank you thank you! I am truly grateful! Here, take these 50 gold pieces."
[14:27] Sivat Ariantho: So the cobbler went home again, and again his wife was not satisfied. She wanted him to become the king's new astrologer.
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[14:28] Sivat Ariantho: And as fate would have it, the next day, his reputation had spread to even the king, and a chest filled with gold had been stolen from the palace.
[14:28] Sivat Ariantho: The king called for the cobbler and explained to him the situation. "I have heard of your reputation. I will give you forty days to find the thief."
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[14:29] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler became very nervous, and the king's real astrologer looked at him mockingly. How would he pull this off? He couldn't go on with this deception. But he knew the king would kill him if he found out he was a fake.
[14:30] Sivat Ariantho: "Very well, it will take time, so I will take those foty days to check the sun, stars, and planets. I will let you know when I have discovered the answer. But you should know that there is not one thief but forty thieves."
[14:30] Sivat Ariantho: The king nodded. "Do so, but if you have not found the thieves after 40 days, I will have your head."
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[14:31] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler went home in a panic. He told his wife that he very possibly only had 40 days to live, so they should forget all of this madness and just live out those days enjoying themselves.
[14:31] Sivat Ariantho: "No," she argued, "Use the 40 days to find the thieves!"
[14:32] Sivat Ariantho: "And how will I do that?" he asked. "I do not really have any powers. At least help me keep track of the days, as you know I am forgetful. Give me a date each day, and I will place it in a bowl to remind me of how many days have passed."
[14:33] Sivat Ariantho: The thieves were staying outside of town, but they had heard word of the king's hiring of the cobbler and decided it would be wise to spy on him to see what he was up to.
[14:33] Sivat Ariantho: They sent one thief to his house to sit on the other side of the wall and listen to the cobbler.
[14:34] Sivat Ariantho: That evening, the cobbler had just finished his evening prayer, and his wife presented him with the first date.
[14:34] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler stated loudly to himself, "Ah, there is the first of the forty!"
[14:34] Sivat Ariantho: The thief on the other side of the wall was taken aback. "There is no way that the astrologer saw me. How could he know I was one of the thieves?"
[14:35] Sivat Ariantho: He rushed back to the other thieves, but they did not believe him. So the next night, they sent another thief to go wtih the first one.
[14:35] Sivat Ariantho: When the cobbler received the second date from his wife, he exclaimed, "Ah, tonight there are two of them!"
[14:35] Sivat Ariantho: The thieves looked at each other in amazement and ran off into the darkness of night.
[14:36] Sivat Ariantho: This continued each night with another thief being added along with another date.
[14:36] Sivat Ariantho: On the fortieth night, all forty thieves were outside of his house, hiding in the darkness
[14:36] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler sobbed, realizing his end had come. "That's it then, all forty are here!"
[14:37] Sivat Ariantho: The thieves knew they were caught, so their leader decided to go to the cobbler and beg for leniency
[14:38] Sivat Ariantho: When he knocked on the door, the cobbler assumed it was the king's guard coming to take him for execution. He called out, "You horrible man! Do you realize what awful crime you are committing?"
[14:38] Sivat Ariantho: He opened the door and found the thief groveling on the ground. "Please please. Don't tell the king. Yes, we did it! We took the treasure. Please, we'll do anything."
[14:39] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler was amazed. He gathered himself together and then proclaimed. "Yes, yes. Of course I knew. Now, if you return all of the gold, perhaps I can persuede the king to pardon you. Bury the gold under the public bath and then leave town. I will handle the rest."
[14:39] Sivat Ariantho: The thief was so thankful, and he did exactly as he was told.
[14:40] Sivat Ariantho: The cobbler went to the king and said, "Your majesty, I have consulted the stars and learned that you can only have one, the gold or the thieves. Which do you prefer?"
[14:40] Sivat Ariantho: The king raised an eyebrow. "I would very much have liked to see those thieves punished, but I would definitely prefer my gold."
[14:41] Sivat Ariantho: "Very well," the cobbler said, "You will find it buried under the public bath in town."
[14:41] Sivat Ariantho: The king found it there and was most grateful. "You have done a great service to me, astrologer. Please, take whatever wealth you wish, and may I offer you my daughter in marriage?"
[14:42] Sivat Ariantho: It so happened that the king's daughter had been fond of the cobbler since she laid eyes on him, and the cobbler graciously accepted, leaving his mean bitter wife alone.
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[14:42] Sivat Ariantho: In this way, he was freed from both burdens and lived out his days in happiness.
[14:42] Sivat Ariantho: The end.

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