Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Spindrift Island

Life is funny, I know that posting another photosynth makes my site less accessable to Linux users. Some people might look at this and say I am a Microsoft head, which I have been accused of. But I spend much of last night and early this morning trying to fix and extend my primary Linux box.

I had Debian installed on it but it could run Ice Weasel, a really slow SL client, GIMP and Open Office. Dual Core 3 GB with 130 GB of storage, this is not like my 30 GB storage Ubuntu machine, I want to make this my primary machine and I am obsessed with making it Linux.

I have VMWare Server running on a Windows box and tested Fedora which I liked, but which could not install on this damed box. So I have been trying to get openSUSE. I think I have it down to KDE does not support my graphics card and maybe GNOME does. But it takes 2 to 3 hours to build a server.

So why if I am such a geeky Linux nut do I make so many photosynths?

It is not because I am a lone Microsoft person. I stopped making popFlys to go to Yahoo Pipes even though I hate Yahoo so to be more accessable to Linux. Its just in this case Photosynth provides a unique tool for sharing the structure of Second Life to the community, and as yet nothing like it exists on the Mac or Linux side that I know about.

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