Saturday, 6 September 2008


Linden Labs has announced SLim, a lightweight client that will enable instant messaging and voice chat between the real world and Second Life.At this week's Virtual Worlds Expo, Linden Labs, the creators of the popular virtual world Second Life, announced a new instant messaging and voice client that will let Second Life residents communicate with the Second Life world without the significant overhead of the full-blown Second Life clients. Dubbed "SLim," the application will enable users to chat with their Second Life cohorts, breaking down some of the barriers between Second Life and, well, real life.

Second Life Chat Crosses to Real Life - Lifestyle News - Digital Trends

What I want is a mobile device link to SL.  Say I am on business and I am staying in a lovely hotel.  I want to be able to use Internet technology to bring my friends in SL to me in RL, to let them see where I am both in video and also via images and maps in the semantic web.

Well give it some time.

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