Saturday, 6 September 2008

Palmkato Isle

After some training some reading

A note card

Revised August 31, 2008

Welcome to Palmkato Isle, a bit further south in the thassa than most Gorean islands. Here you will find a more desert, tropical island mix. We are a Gorean lifestyle sim, and as such we welcome any visitor who understands what being a friend and guest is.

This island is strictly protected, and offers a place to relax without raids, arrogant pushy Gor wannabes, and other such nusances. We value those who want to learn and enjoy the Gorean lifestyle beyond the killing and drama, and offer sanctuary to all kajira who ask. A home is provided here for slaves to heal and learn before heading back out to Gor. Here all are safe.

Master Beowulf's Home is strictly off limits at this location except where escorted by permission for the purposes of touring. If Master Beowulf is in residence there, permission must be aquired before entering.

This is a no kill, no FC, no raid and no DRAMA area. We are at peace here and anyone causing trouble or bringing their own brand of Gor here is not welcome. If you step off the ship with attitude and disrespect those living here, and abuse slaves owned by the kennels and Master Beowulf, you will find yourself swimming with Gorean sharks.

On Gor strangers to a homestone not their own were considered enemies until they proved themselves. Here is no different. Come in peace and cause no trouble and you are welcome.

Please note, a "no drama" rule means that sometimes we must enforce it. That means sometimes there is drama until it's killled. But make no mistake, we don't tolerate dishonest liars and trouble makers and if we see's over. Mother always told me, play nice or not at all. Dad taught me another lesson: This is my sandbox. Get your own.

Meters not required. Please remove them to prevent lag. There were no meters on Gor. Learn to role play and interact.

For any questions, contact Beowulf Aya via IM, or drop a notecard in the mailbox at the docks.
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