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Notes on Social Network

One way to look at the social events of Second Life or any virtual network culture is as a network of individual inside of roles. Here is an example of such a study.

I made it with Axon 2005 which is a kick as tool for model making. Here is the text that came with the template. Summary this network shows the flow of individuals through roles of a network, and how the network structures that flow. This space can be understood matehmatically. Here is the text.

This network diagram describes a kind of manpower model.
Staff movement can be initiated via promotion in appointment,
job-rotation, transfer out of organization or resignation. The
objective of an assignment model is to find the most suitable
staff (who) to fill various vacancies at the right time(when) such
that the aggregate effects of all movements are globally optimal.
This is an example of a 2-period Staff-to-Job Assignment Model.

1. Each Node denotes a staff holding a particular job.
2. Each Arc (i,j) from Node i to j denotes that i is eligible to
fill the job held by j.
3. A Score S(i,j) assigned to an Arc denotes the relative desirability
of movement.
4. The flow f(i,j) denotes the movement from Node i to Node j.
5. A Capacity c(i,j) is a limit on the flow (usually 1).

In this example, it is assumed that Node 3 and 7 will be
transferred out of the network over the 2 periods.

The objective is to minimize the sum of { 100-S(i,j) } x f(i,j)
subject to 0 <= f(i,j) <= 1. Control Arcs (dotted arrows) are added to link the Nodes across periods. These Control Arcs ensure each staff move at most once to a specific job and in a specific period. Control Nodes (gray) are added to control to total number of staff moveing in and out the entire network. When optimized using linear minimum-cost network flow algorithm, the following solution is obtained: 1. Node 1 ----> Node 4 ----> Node 7 ----> Out in Period 1
2. Node 9 ----> Node 10 ----> Out in Period 2

The above solution is shown in thick arrows. Replacement for
Node 1 and 9 at the lowest level of the hierarchy could come
from new recruitment.

[Source: "HRM Framework with Illustration of Assignment Model, Mar 93"]

Complex stuff. I guess what I try to take from it is that the space of social relations can be defined and in virtual structured systems like exist in late Capitalism they can be shown to have an internal rationalism.

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