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Mission in Space-Time

Missions in Space-Time Poster

Oct 2 2008 10 am SLT

The event will be at second nature, which is a cool orgnaisation behind the SIM

This is from the web page:

Missions in Space-Time
Conversations with Nobel Prize winning physicists

Every summer, Nobel Prize winning scientists and young researchers meet on the beautiful Lindau Island in Germany for 5 days of discussion and debate. This year was the turn of the physicists and Nature was there to produce a series of 5 films.

Join us on Thursday 2 October for a special screening as we premiere the first two films.

Dark Matter, Dark Energy
As the world's most powerful particle accelerator starts up, George Smoot (Nobel Prize for Physics 2006) talks to two young scientists about their hopes and dreams for the Large Hadron Collider.

The Quantum Lattice
William Phillips (Nobel Prize for Physics 1997) is excited by the work of PhD student Hannah Venzl as they plan some experiments during a boat trip on Lake Constance.

RSVP is required. Please email us at Missions in Space-Time

The 5 films will be available each week starting 3 October on iTunes and on

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