Monday, 11 August 2008

Verne 3.0 from Second Life's Reitsuki Kojima

Second Life Vision of the Nautilus of Verne

The voyages extraordinaires explore worlds known and unknown: the interior of Africa, the interior of the Earth, the deeps of the sea, the deeps of space. Characteristically, Verne’s voyagers travel in vehicles that are themselves closed worlds-his imagination projects itself in terms of “inside” and “outside”-from which the immensity of nature can be appreciated in upholstered comfort. The Nautilus is the most familiar of these comfortable, mobile worlds; inside all is cozy elegance, the epitome of the civilized and human, while outside the oceans gleam or rage in inhuman beauty or mystery. Roland Barthes finds the principle at the heart of Verne’s fictions to be the “ceaseless action of secluding oneself.” The known and enclosed space, the comfortable cave, is safe while “outside the storm, that is, the infinite, rages in vain.” The basic activity in Verne is the construction of closed and safe spaces, the enslavement and appropriation of nature to make a place for man to live in comfort. “The enjoyment of being enclosed reaches its paroxysm when, from the bosom of this unbroken inwardness, it is possible to watch, through a large window-pane, the outside vagueness of the waters, and thus define, in a single act, the inside by means of its opposite.” [7]

From Nautilus to Nanobo(a)ts: The Visual Construction of Nanoscience Brigitte Nerlich

Interesting article I am still struggling to understand. Maybe someone out there can help me.

Thank You Reitsuki Kojima for making this!!!!!

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