Monday, 18 August 2008

Spacexcape Bridges


Welcome to the Spacexcape Project - an interdisciplinary project created by a collaborative group of artists, scientists and philosophers with some help from clever script writers! Please take a few minutes to read this and to have a look around the gallery before entering the installation. If you wish to go straight to the store. please follow the signs and you can return here later.

Please turn on your audio to hear the accompanying sounds of ZEN-MEN

How to move around the installation:

* The Entrance
Take the warpmover to the start. If it is not here, then click on the crystal and recall it. Sit on it and then touch it and you will be automatically transported. If for some reason it does not work then take the wormhole on the upper level of this gallery. On arrival at the entrance, please click the diving board for a jump ball or take a free parachute and jump down the hole.

* The Thinking Pod
You will find here four doors that will lead you to different areas of the installation. The wormholes will bring you back here. We invite you to enjoy the Tranquility Sphere (Fnordian Link) and Angeldance (Zenzi Voom) in this space.

* Communications Sphere
Here, a scientist and philosopher worked with an artist to create a space that responded to issues of language and communication through signs, symbols and equations. But are they accurate? How will we know without being able to decipher the codes? Follow through to the third sphere and a video has been created of images from the three disciplines. Ensure you have media turned on and click the screen. Afterwards, follow the tunnel to the "Dinner Party". Here you will experience a sense of tranquility against the scuffle between the great thinkers. The last area is a 'Games Room' for you to enjoy before returning to the Thinking Pod via the wormhole.

* Identity
Follow the tunnel to Zenzi Voom's Chakra Installation and through the seven chakra pods experience how open your chakra is!

* Space
This area is currently under development but you can enjoy travels through the universe in our Planetarium while we work on it.

* Technology
In this area, the collaborative team have responded to the issues of how technology has affected the way we live and our 'freedom'. We illustrate how computers have changed and how our daily lives are intruded on. At the same time, we celebrate technology and ask what it means to you.

Please do leave your feedback - its important for us. As you will see, the installation is under constant change, so come back often. Join the group 'Spacexcape Project' for updates and invites.

Enjoy your visit and if you have any questions please contact us.

Spacexcape Bridges
(Co-ordinator of Spacexcape)

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