Friday, 29 August 2008

Shiny Life This Weekend: Collabricate | Shiny Life

What I’d like to do is set up a regular event where people are encouraged to create together in a positive, free form environment. We’ll pick a theme, start building, and see what comes into being. Who knows, we might even learn something in the process. :) All skills levels will be welcome. All that you need to bring are your building, scripting, texturing, and other skills along with a willingness to cooperate and interact.Right now

I am thinking that spreading it across two days will give more people a chance to get in-world and participate. I’ll have some more details as the weekend approaches.Saturday and Sunday August 30th and 31st at my sim: Sunset Myst.

We’ll be building from 11am - 1pm (SLT) on Saturday and 5 - 7pm on Sunday. Please leave suggestions and ideas in the comments, or send ‘em my way in-world. Hope to see ya there!
Shiny Life This Weekend: Collabricate | Shiny Life
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