Thursday, 21 August 2008


Sexuality and Second Life

Photos from The Great Exploreation of Second Life. 

I apply sociology to Second Life, and right now I am studying gender.  But I have an interest in virtual sexuality.

Sociologists use several different words for our common word of "sex" or "sexuality", as do psychoanalysts and feminists.

As for a person's sex they speak of Gender and gender.

But we also talk about sexuality either as one's identity in the field of sexual acts, a rate and range  of sexual acts, the meaning assigned sexual acts and their motivations.

Faucualt wrote about how Greece and Rome gave its male citizens and

Sex and the sexual are fully language conceptsBinaries or sets they are understood by philosophers and linguists.  But Sexuality is a contested area where some assert sexuality, others culture, power, wealth, or language construct the narratives we tend to live with.

For the psychoanalysts sexuality is a force.  But it is not always a brute force.  Freud has it a brute force and Jung agreed only diminished its scope of power.  But Lacan as a lost joy that could never be held in language and since we are forever in  language can never be part of us.

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