Friday, 22 August 2008

Real and Imagined

The globes of Earth and Second Life. Since Second Life is flat it is transformed when projected on a globe. In this case the mainland becomes too long.

The topology of Second Life is rather interesting. Like our space time it is also 4-D. Any object can be located by a SLURL and SLT stamp.

But there is no force of gravity acting on this space. So it expands as a kind of flat board, though most of it can not be access directly. This means the limited upward dimension becomes smaller and smaller relative to the north and south and east and west directions. A SIM is actually a 3-D box which is much taller than it is wide or long, but when you connect 1000s of these together the overall network becomes more and more flat. Thus it is best represented by a flat piece of paper and a globe warps it.

Earth land is governed by gravity which means that any large collection of lands will fall in on itself in to a sphere. Gravity provides no commercial value to virtual land usage and does not really exist in SL. Gravity just means that objects that are not flying will "fall" to the ground.

In reality we spend much of our time risen slightly above the ground.

Does the extra dimensions of our reality show in the difference between SL and RL. Or in time will SL begin to look more and more like our troubled RL.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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