Saturday, 16 August 2008

Politics, the body and the war for culture

The body is insert in to a political confict. The body as an object of male forces, as a hub in which cum and pleasure flow is hear turned on its head. This woman uses her bodies locus as a object of desire to make a political message

Protesters becoming Gitmo concentration camp inmates. Here a woman assumes the identity of a muslim male. The scale of powers the Sate applies against certain bodies is her assumed as a protest. The body can assume an identity in direct challenge of the idealogy that produces the identity. This identity challenges Power to show its methods to a public global discourse.

But radical images can construct radical violent male identities which inforce a extreme and limited set of identites. Here the God Rule rof Persia uses his identity to construct the male of the Islamic Republic as soldier. The soldiers identity in this image is constructed by the background of the Total God King. In ancient Persion/Iranian style of Asia the identity is small below the ruler.

And in this context the blog sex trade creates the places for thousands of women. Here sex workers merge spiritual identity in to there roles as sex usage objects.

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