Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Nautilus by Reitsuki Kojima

Finding Nemo. I find a extensive reproduction of the Nautilus in the Vernian Sea. So I know what the pieces are.

This point is the thing that draws the publics’ attention to the "sea monster". It is for this reason that the United States sends the Abraham Lincoln. On this ship the narrator and some Canadian Harpooner form the three captives of the Nautilus. There is a lot of killing of now endangered ocean life, so it’s not very PC.

The ship does not have sonar, so it uses phosphorous light to light its way. This is essentially how some sub work now. Phosphorous is extracted from the Ocean, and part of the entire principle is the Nautilus does not ever return to land. All food, power, and materials come from the sea, to a kind of cigar to power.

Nemo has built a robot monster in which he can make the sea his nation.

Nemo has some connections to the land. The food is seafood or and seaweeds, but his collections of art and his library make the Nautilus a core of information and imagination.

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