Saturday, 16 August 2008

The culture forces driving virtual gender identity

Our culture is a war in which gender is defined. Forces of commerce and male pornographic consumption have lead to female constructs that play in to may needs and insecurities. The woman has been formed in to the item of desire, she holds the joy of biological life.

In this war of women fighting each other to win in the channel they elect to contact men and the male domination of status and money. Some women elect to be trophy wives or in this case a woman who works as a stripper has altered herself to such a degree she no longer looks organic.

This process is driven by a mass media culture that on all levels presents images of what woman should be. Women and men magazines are both full of images of what the woman should be.

But the strange outcome is that the woman in the end owns the definition of sexuality. It is not that idealogy fully produces identity but that identity and idealogy are in a discourse. The emergence of identites like this one, full of sex, confidence and pure elegence are powerful images of what the woman COULD BE. This image defines a woman which is more full of power than any male obsession of problem.

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