Sunday, 3 August 2008

Children Lose Touch with Nature

I trek in Virtual Reality but I also explore nature, having hiked in many parts of the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Nepal, Thailand, China, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Spain, Malta, Tunisia, Portugal and extensively in the UK. It is my political view that a well balanced approach to technology involves a deep understanding of nature, both on the level of understanding evolution and experience with nature.

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Experts blamed the widening gulf between children and nature on over-protective parents and the hostility to children among some conservationists, who fear that they will damage the environment. They said that this lack of exposure to outdoor play in natural environments was vital for children's social and emotional development.

Dr Martin Maudsley, play development officer for Playwork Partnerships, at the University of Gloucestershire, said that adults had become too protective of wild places: "Environmental sensitivities should not be prioritised over children."

He said: "Play is the primary mechanism through which children engage and connect with the world, and natural environments are particularly attractive, inspiring and satisfying for kids. Something magical occurs when children and wild spaces mix."

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